PlanITpoker by CodeFirst Surpasses the One Million User Mark

Free Online Software Development Estimation App Brings Remote Teams Together Through The Scrum Programming Paradigm

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PlanITpoker has come a long way since its inception as a cool productivity tool that software developer CodeFirst designed to help its remote teams make quick development estimates. Today, the PlanITpoker app boasts over one million user accounts as well as accolades from across the dev spectrum.

Kai-Thomas Krause of the Scrum Alliance was quite impressed with the capabilities of this free app, saying back in the summer of 2016 that: “You can add user stories prior to the estimation session so that you have all the information in a central place, which means no jumping between the estimation tool and your ticket system. The interface looks nice and modern. It also works on mobile devices, so no need to bring your big machine to the session. Also, if you want to use scales or methods for the estimations other than the usual Scrum scale used in classical Planning Poker, you can choose among five different scales.” Other reviewers have lauded the ability to bring in many team members without a complicated login process, as well as the simplicity of the interface.

The increasingly popular agile software development app also lets you specify the number of optional customizations for each “room”, such as the capability for observers to see others voting in real time, the inclusion of stories, whether to allow players to change their votes after scores are shown and the added urgency of a countdown timer.

“This all came out of a quick internal development process because no one was thrilled with the poker planning options at the time,” recounts CodeFirst director Graham Church. “We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how our user numbers have grown, which tells us that the agile development community has found our app quite useful. As development enthusiasts ourselves, this is something to celebrate.”

PlanITpoker is available for both mobile devices and the PC platform. Learn more, create an account, or start a quick-play at:

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