Planet Technology USA Releases the GS-6311 Series Layer 3 Managed Switch

Four Multi-Gigabit + 10G SFP Models Designed for Data Heavy Networking Requirements

Planet Technology USA (PLANET), a division of Versa Technology that supplies cost-effective, last-mile Power over Ethernet (PoE) networking solutions, announces the release of the PLANET GS-6311-24T4XGS-6311-48T6XGS-6311-16S8C4XR; and GS-6311-48P6X, a series of high-speed 10F SFP connectivity managed switch models with multiple port configuration options to support the advanced requirements of enterprise backbones, data centers, high capacity servers, and video surveillance implementations.

Key GS-6311 features include layer 3 static routingenabling intelligent routing at the network layer, optimizing data flow, and traffic management. The GS-6311 series has 10Gbps interfaces, providing lightning-fast data transfers for high-bandwidth applications. Secure topology safeguards data from potential threats and unauthorized access.

“The GS-6311 series high-density performance and layer 3 routing, speeds up the adoption of devices into increasingly sophisticated networks,” says Joe Williams, Director of Distributed Sales for PLANET. “Advanced routing capabilities allow devices to communicate across different networks, making the integration of advanced technologies into a wide spectrum of industry operations seamless.”

The Four GS-6311 Series Models

The GS-6311 series is a layer 3 switch with four models tailored to different networking environments:

  1. GS-6311-24T4X: Ideal for networks that balance high-speed 10G SFP connectivity with ample 10/100/1000T ports.
  2. GS-6311-48T6X: Tailored for environments that require more 10/100/1000T ports and robust 10G SFP options.
  3. GS-6311-16S8C4XR: Perfect for setups requiring a combination of high-speed SFP ports, gigabit TP/SFP ports, and reliable power options.
  4. GS-6311-48P6X: Specifically designed for networks with PoE requirements, featuring 48 PoE-enabled ports and multiple 10G SFP ports.

The GS-6311 Series manages and communicates data more efficiently by allowing administrators to route data traffic away from nodes where it is not needed within a network.

Switching capabilities are taken a step beyond Layer 2 switches, enabling direct communication between devices within the same network segment.

Multicast Communication distributes data to multiple destinations simultaneously, minimizing bandwidth usage.

Energy Efficiency automatically adjusts power consumption based on network traffic and cable length, reducing energy costs and minimizing environmental footprints.

Management provides a user-friendly web-based interface that allows for remote configuration and monitoring of switches and supports network management protocols like SNMP and RMON for more advanced monitoring capabilities.

Flexible, energy-efficient, secure, and feature-laden, the GS-6311 series managed switch supports data-rich network applications as organizations evolve their digital strategies.

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