Plagiarism Checking Provider Partners With the International Journalist Community to Boost Content Authenticity

Unicheck, one of the leading anti-plagiarism solution providers, will be collaborating with journalists around the world to encourage originality and fight plagiarism in media during the International Days of Action Against Contract Cheating. Every interested journalist will be armed with 100 pages for comprehensive content originality checking. This way Unicheck is hoping to simplify the process of ensuring content authenticity to authors, editors, and others responsible for text quality in online media.

Unicheck plagiarism checker, originally invented to promote academic integrity and make the educational technology widely accessible, now serves numerous businesses around the world on their way to creating original content.

Following their initial purpose of fostering a plagiarism-free environment, Unicheck calls for journalists to join this initiative and use intelligent software for:

  • double-checking both in-house and guest writers
  • saving and improving the search engine rankings of an online platform
  • growing reputation by publishing only exclusive content

Unicheck’s mission is to set the new standards of attitude towards intellectual property and raise the value of creative work. Thus, they invite all like-minded journalists to join this project. It’s very easy - just fill in this form and get your 100 pages for plagiarism checking!


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Source: Unicheck