Placedise 2.0 Released. Data-Based Simulation, Optimization and Evaluation of Product Placement Impact.

The new Placedise software makes it possible to simulate and therefore predict the advertising effects and impact of product placement. Furthermore, it provides an advanced management tool to control product placement in a digital and data driven marketing world.

For some time now, the buzzword “Predictive Analytics” goes around the world and promises nothing less than a digital crystal ball. It describes the procedure to predict the future based on a comprehensive analysis of historical data. In most cases, this is used to determine the most probable behavior of people.

With Placedise, everybody gets the opportunity to simulate the impact of product placement on a specific target audience. This not only makes it possible to predict its success, but also to efficiently optimize it and evaluate the finale implementation. However, the new Placedise offers even more.

After the introduction of the first prototype in May 2014, there have been a lot of talks and workshops with experts and companies from all areas of the relevant industries. The findings were directly transferred to the development of the second software version – in order to ensure that the system meets the requirements of the day-to-day business.

Placedise has become a full project management tool that helps companies to plan, control, optimize and evaluate product placement activities. Using the calculations of the core algorithm and the extensive database, Placedise supports in nearly all areas of product placement – may it be the collection of relevant information for planning purposes, the evaluation of first brainstorming ideas, as helping tool at negotiations or for the success evaluation after the final integration.

In order to make this work, the software combines the results of over 500 scientific studies and compares this cluster to the specific project of the user. One can imagine this as a series of nested thoughts. Example: A prominently placed product leads to better recall, but might also lead to a negative change in attitude towards the brand if the advertisement is too obvious – but only in some cases under specific circumstances. Placedise currently considers 6.2 x 1087 combinations of parameters and assesses them in an even greater variety of such reasoning. A task in which man alone usually miscalculates quite quickly.

The software is now available as a so-called Software as a Service at
It can be tested for 48h without any obligation and free of charge.

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