Pixels.com Launches Platform to Buy and Sell NFT Merchandise

Transform Your NFTs into T-Shirts, Canvas Prints, Puzzles, and More

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Pixels.com, the world's largest print-on-demand marketplace, has launched a new platform which allows NFT owners to buy and sell NFTs as canvas prints, t-shirts, puzzles, and hundreds of other merchandise products.

2021 saw a surge in public awareness and popularity of NFTs - collectible items that exist in the digital world. Pixels' technology transforms digital into physical. With just a few clicks, anyone who owns an NFT can purchase physical products made from their NFT artwork.

"This is one of the most exciting times in the history of our business," noted Sean Broihier, CEO of Pixels. "We've spent the past 15+ years building software to help people transform their personal photos into physical products, and with the recent rise of NFTs, it was a natural fit to expand our printing capabilities to the NFT community. The response from NFT owners has been incredible."

Anyone who owns an image-based NFT on the Ethereum blockchain can transform their NFT into hundreds of physical products in a matter of seconds by simply copying and pasting their wallet address onto the following webpage: https://pixels.com/nft-merch. Pixels then retrieves the NFT artwork from the wallet and uses the artwork to generate 3D, photorealistic previews of each available product. When the NFT owner selects a product to purchase, Pixels manufactures and ships the product via a network of 16 global manufacturing centers. All products are manufactured in 3 - 4 business days and shipped directly to buyers with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

"There's simply no easier way to transform your NFTs into physical merchandise," noted Sean Broihier, CEO of Fine Art America. "We've helped millions of people turn their personal photos into works of art, and we're very excited to introduce our technology to the NFT community."

To convert your NFTs into merchandise using Pixels' print-on-demand technology, visit https://pixels.com/nft-merch

To view millions of artists who've partnered with Pixels since 2006 to sell their designs as print-on-demand products, visit: https://pixels.com/artistdirectory

To view some of Pixels' high-profile brand partners, visit: https://pixels.com/overview/brands

To shop the Pixels marketplace, visit: https://pixels.com

About Pixels

Pixels is a technology and art company based in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in 2006 and is a global marketplace for artists, photographers, and the world's most iconic brands. With a few clicks, sellers can upload their images to Pixels.com, set their prices for 25+ different print-on-demand products (e.g. canvas prints), and then sell those products to a global audience of online buyers. Pixels fulfills each order on the seller's behalf via a network of 16 global manufacturing facilities. In addition to providing an online marketplace and order fulfillment service, Pixels also develops technology to help image owners sell their products through mobile apps, brick-and-mortar retail stores, third-party e-commerce platforms (e.g. Shopify and Amazon), and anywhere else that buyers are buying.

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