Pixellu is Proud to Introduce Pixellu Galleries, the Most Beautiful Way for Photographers to Deliver Photos to Their Clients


Photographers spend hours capturing, selecting, and editing hundreds of photos for each client — those images deserve to be delivered in a way that does them justice. A stunning client gallery presents photographers' work at its very best. However, setting a gallery up for each client can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. There are three main problems with current solutions: 

  • Difficult to use: Current solutions require multiple steps and choices to create a simple gallery for sharing photos, increasing the time it takes to prepare and share images with clients.
  • Insufficient layout options: Many gallery builders offer very few typography options, limited gallery layouts, and no option to "fine-tune" the design to match the varied branding and styles of different photographers.
  • Slow: Galleries are often slow to load, particularly on mobile devices, creating a poor experience for clients. 

Pixellu Galleries was created to fix these problems. Just like our other tools, SmartAlbums and SmartSlides, Galleries is designed to help photographers spend less time in front of their screens and more time doing what they love. Here's how: 

We set out to create the most straightforward photo gallery designer in the world. We've streamlined the process of delivering images to clients, constantly asking ourselves: "How can we make this easier?" In three simple steps, photographers can have a gallery online ready for their clients to view — simply upload the chosen photos, customize, and share. Delivering images to clients is now an effortless experience. 

As a photographer, presentation, and personal brand consistency is critical — it's what makes you stand out to your clients. It was important to us that our gallery options are the most beautiful on the market, with enough variety to align with the branding of any photographer. Every single gallery is handcrafted by a graphic artist, featuring stunning layouts and refined animations to deliver an unparalleled first impression. Alongside the various layout options, photographers can personalize their gallery with custom branding, color palettes, and a range of curated typography combinations — there's something to suit everyone. 

As a client, it's frustrating waiting for images to load. A gallery that displays images quickly delivers a more positive experience and can contribute to an overall good impression. That's why it was important for us to create galleries that loaded incredibly fast without sacrificing image quality. Pixellu Galleries feels speedy, snappy, and responsive to use on every device, regardless of whether the client is viewing galleries on their phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Our intelligent technology optimizes each photo to ensure they not only load as fast as possible but are displayed at their absolute best on every screen. 


"What I love about Pixellu Galleries is how fast and easy it is to create, upload, and customize galleries that look amazing!" - Lukas Leonte

"Pixellu Galleries is easy to use, quick, and, most importantly, looks great. In 17 years working in the wedding industry, it's the first time I've been able to create cohesive galleries and slideshows with one company, and they complement my brand perfectly." - David Pullum

Pixellu is on a mission to develop simple and beautiful solutions for the world of photography. Co-founded by two wedding photographers in 2010, Pixellu harnesses the power of technology to build software that helps photographers save time and live more fulfilling lives. For more information, visit pixellu.com or contact us at info@pixellu.com.

Source: Pixellu LLC

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