Pittsburgh Native Starts Podcast Empire in the Pharmacy Industry

Began as a blog focused on healthcare technology, but today the Pharmacy Podcast Network is the healthcare industry's largest network of pharmacist podcasters.

Pharmacy Podcast Network

​​​Pittsburgh native Todd Eury from Brownsville, Pennsylvania, started the first podcast about the profession of Pharmacy in 2009, and today, it’s the global leader in podcasting about the business and profession of the pharmacist.

With podcasts about career development, politics, and running a privately owned community pharmacy, the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) has over 30 different channels with nearly 80,000 listeners accumulated over the last 10 1/2 years. He has partnered with several state and national associations to build content for pharmacist professionals as a concierge internet​ radio platform to advocate for better patient care. The PPN ranks in the Top 20 Podcasts in the Business News category listed with Apple Podcasts, out of over 800,000+ podcasts registered: via Chartable here.

“I created this network to support pharmacists who are some of the most underutilized healthcare providers in our healthcare system and can help lower high drug prices spiraling out of control,” Eury said, “As medication experts, pharmacists can perform medication reviews to ensure patients are safe and taking the right medication, the right dose, and collaborate with primary care to ensure the therapies prescribed are the best choices.”

The National Community Pharmacist Association’s (NCPA) VP of Government Affairs, Anne Cassity, took part in the ‘PBM Reform Podcast’, focused on restructuring the way pharmacy benefit managers work with insurance programs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and pharmacists to lower the cost of medications for millions of Americans. 

Recently, state Medicaid systems, policymakers, and national pharmacy associations expressed concerns that certain PBMs’ business practices may not be consistent with public policy goals to improve the value of pharmaceutical spending. The PBM Reform Podcast Series is all about changing the way prescription medications get paid for. 

Solera Specialty Pharmacy CEO - Nicholas Saraniti commented, “The Pharmacy Podcast provides an original perspective to relevant issues within our complex healthcare systems. As a specialty pharmacy stakeholder I value the interviews and insights from the show’s intriguing platform. I usually listen during my morning commute.”

Kate Gainer, IPA’s CEO and Executive Vice President, states, “IPA’s podcasts are designed to educate and benefit pharmacists across the country. We are excited to be partners with PPN, the leader in pharmacy podcasts.” 

Eury mentioned working with pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure better communications with pharmacists who implement the treatment and therapies prescribed by the physicians.

Eli Lilly LLC teamed up with Pitt University Scott R. Drab, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM Associate Professor, Pharmacy and Therapeutics on a podcast series about Type 2 Diabetes in seniors. This content is important for long-term care pharmacists treating millions of seniors throughout the country managing their diabetes.

PPN has its primary studio headquarters in Hiller, Pennsylvania, and has two other remote locations in VA and ID. 

Source: Pharmacy Podcast Network