PIT Group Tests Eco Caps for Fuel Efficiency

Testing finds Eco Caps and Eco Flaps pairing provides over 1 percent in fuel savings

PIT Group, a Canadian-based testing organization that evaluates technologies in the transportation industry, recently tested the energy efficiency of Eco Cap aerodynamic wheel covers from Eco Flaps. Testing found that the Eco Caps performed better than other wheel covers previously tested by the company.

The test results showed that Eco Caps wheel covers had a 0.9% +/- 0.4% in fuel savings. When used together with Eco Flaps, the fuel savings was 1.2% +/- 0.5%. Rain occurred during some of the test runs and although these results were not calculated into the final results, PIT Group noted that the water spray was less visible for the test vehicle utilizing both Eco Caps and Eco Flaps when compared to the control vehicle that had no wheel caps and its original solid mud flaps.

 We’re excited that carriers can rely on these test results when looking for aerodynamic solutions for their company,” said Asa Hazelwood, President of Eco Flaps. “This data from PIT Group shows that Eco Caps and Eco Flaps can offer significant savings when incorporated across an entire fleet.”

PIT Group conducted SAE J1321 testing using two Freightliner Cascadia trucks and 53-foot Manac dry van trailers with trailer skirts. Both vehicles weighed approximately 65,000 pounds and ran at 65 mph along a closed-loop test track.

Created by Eco Flaps, the creator of the aerodynamic mud flap, Eco Caps are aerodynamic wheel covers that weigh only 1.8 pounds each. They’re made from the same material as Eco Flaps - a nylon 6-6, which is proven durable and resistant to extreme weather and road conditions. Eco Caps can also be installed or removed in seconds without the use of tools.


About Eco Flaps

Eco Flaps provide fleets with fuel savings, increased durability for enhanced performance, increased safety and guaranteed quality with their unique, functional design. Their molded shape and sturdy construction provide greater efficiency, durability, and a reduction in corrosion against weather elements and extreme temperatures. They are the only splash guards that are SmartWay verified and are the best environmentally conscious and economical option for mud flaps. Their easy-to-install design comes in two different widths and several lengths to get a custom fit that meets all DOT requirements. There are currently more than 100,000 tractors and trailers in North America utilizing Eco Flaps to improve aerodynamics and reduce fuel costs. For more information about Eco Flaps, visit www.ecoflaps.com. 

Source: Eco Flaps