Pipette.com Will Be Adding Several New Pipette Tips to Their Ecommerce Platform

​​Pipette.com has been carrying a broad selection of Pipette Tips for many years now. Pipette.com has lab equipment, pipettes and centrifuges from different manufacturers and with many different specifications. However, Pipette.com tips have been some of the most successful and most popular pipette tips in their product line in recent years.

Pipette.com will first be additionally adding BrandTech PD-Tip Syringe Tips that are manufactured in Germany using high-quality virgin plastics, polypropylene and polystyrene. These BrandTech PD-Tip Syringe Tips are made in a clean room environment without lubricants or chemical additives to prevent reagent contamination. This ensures the integrity of the customers’ solutions is not compromised because of their lab consumables.

In addition, Pipette.com will be adding both Eclipse Reload Systems and CAPP 384 Well Tips. All CAPP 384 Well Tips are low retention to increase consistency and accuracy across a lab's results and to eliminate sample retention. With an incredibly smooth inner surface, there is nearly no sample binding within the tip, allowing one to dispense accurate amounts with each and every attempt. Comprised of virgin polypropylene and produced from high-quality Swiss molds, these CAPP low-binding tips are ideal when working with low-volume samples where precision is mandatory. With their low-retention properties, these CAPP 384 Well Tips are excellent for pipetting viscous samples that are often difficult to fully dispense. One can even pipette DNA, RNA and protein samples, which commonly bind to pipette tips, with ease.

Pipette.com has developed an Eclipse Reload system that is the only reload tip system on the market with 95 percent renewable materials. Pipette.com’s Eclipse Reloads are made in the United States and have a compostable tip base made from organic non-petroleum resin. Maintaining an environmentally friendly business is crucial in today’s world. Combining an eco-friendly design with intelligent engineering to make refilling pipette tip racks simple and fast, the Eclipse Reload system should be utilized in every laboratory.

Lastly, Pipette.com will be adding additional well-known brands of pipette tips: Eppendorf Combitips and Rainin LTS Tips. The Eppendorf Combitip system is designed to meet the needs of any and all modern laboratories. Eppendorf Combitips include Combitips advanced® which is a replacement for the Combitips plus®. New additions include a new special ergonomic design, color-coding and optimized graduation. Eppendorf Combitips ® advanced easily attach to the repeater because of the built-in sensor which recognizes the size of the Combitip. The volume automatically appears in the display which eliminates time spent making volume calculations.

Molded utilizing special resins, the Pipette.com Tips for Rainin LTS® Pipettes require the least mounting force in the industry while still providing an airtight seal. This ensures that tips are able to properly mount on pipettes even with worn-out barrels. Repetitive pipetting over hours and constant changing of tips during each process can lead to injury. Pipette.com's tips for Rainin LTS (Lite-Touch System) pipettes provide effortless tip mounting and tip ejection to help operators avoid laboratory-related injuries.  

All these new pipette tips will be sold in different sectors of Pipette.com's platform. While bulk tips might be the best option out there for labs where the budget is tight, Racked Sterile Tips are a much better option for labs where sterility is paramount and the time of scientists and lab technicians is valuable and there is no extra time available to be constantly refilling and re-racking tip boxes every time one is emptied.

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