Pipette.com Will Be Adding New Rainin Pipettes to Their Current Ecommerce Website

Pipette.com has been carrying a broad selection of pipettes and Pipette Tips for many years now. Pipette.com has lab equipment, pipettes and centrifuges from different manufacturers and with many different specifications. However, Pipette.com has the top selection of pipettes in the industry and are now adding Rainin pipettes to their portfolio.

Pipette.com will also now provide rainin pipettes, which are known for their high standards. Pipette.com will be adding all models of Rainin® pipettes - including the LTS™, EDP, and XLS lines, that are meticulously crafted for the most ergonomic experience.

Also, Pipette.com will now be adding the Rainin E4™ XLS™ Single Channel LTS®. New E4™ XLS™ electronic pipette with LTS®. Easy navigation and joystick controls. Eliminates user-based variance and ensures maximum precision. For any application - from pipetting to dispensing mixing and titrating. Loaded with modes and features and a long-lasting battery. E4™ XLS™ gives hours of easy and consistent operation.

Lastly, Pipette.com will be adding the Rainin Pipet-Lite™ XLS™ Single Channel Pipette with RFID is the one of the most ergomonic pipettes available. Based on Pipet-Lite™, the XLS™ has even lighter springs to maximize reduction of force and the added functionality of the embedded RFID tag allows calibration tracking when used with optional RFID reader and software. Available in LTS® and standard shaft.  

In addition to rainin pipettes, Pipette.com will be adding the well-known brands of pipette tips: the Rainin LTS Tips. Molded utilizing special resins, the Pipette.com Tips for Rainin LTS® Pipettes require the least mounting force in the industry while still providing an airtight seal. This ensures that tips are able to properly mount on pipettes even with worn-out barrels. Repetitive pipetting over hours and constant changing of tips during each process can lead to injury. Pipette.com's tips for Rainin LTS (Lite-Touch System) pipettes provide effortless tip mounting and tip ejection to help operators avoid laboratory-related injuries.  

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