Pipette.com Will Be Adding New Pipette Calibration Services and Eppendorf Pipette Models to Their Portfolio


With a history of excellence and over 20 years of experience in pipette calibration, Pipette.com is the largest independent calibration facility on the West Coast. With a passion for empowering scientific discovery, they are dedicated to providing the best solutions possible for their customers while maintaining effective communication. This manifesto has led to Pipette.com to develop four different levels of service for customers seeking Pipette Calibration and new Eppendorf Pipettes.

Pipette.com has expanded their portfolio to add additional Eppendorf pipettes to their immense portfolio. Eppendorf pipettes are known for their innovative features, durable design and performance. The latest innovations include manual pipettes, like the Eppendorf Research Plus, and are equipped with spring-loaded tip cones which prevent jamming of the tips and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. And the Eppendorf Reference 2, known for its one-button operation and solid build. Furthermore, Eppendorf is the market leader in Repeaters, including their Eppendorf Repeater M4, which is a mechanical dispenser that aspirates liquids up to 100 times without refilling the pipette tip.

Eppendorf Pipette PhysioCare Concept concentrates on the comfort and precision of Eppendorf pipettes. The PhysioCare Concept focuses on improving a labs pipetting experience. Eppendorf pipettes are designed to naturally fit in one's hand and are lightweight enough to feel like an extension of it. In addition, the interior parts are made of stainless steel, which prolongs the lifespan of a lab's pipette. Eppendorf pipettes optimize one's workflow and provide the accuracy a lab needs. Whether a lab is looking for a manual, electronic or repeater, including Eppendorf Research Plus pipette, Eppendorf Reference 2 pipette, Eppendorf Repeater M4 pipette, or an Eppendorf Xplorer electronic pipette.

In addition to several Eppendorf pipettes, Pipette.com will be adding several new Eppendorf lab equipment and pipette tips. Eppendorf Pipette Tips are soft and flexible and, yet, also extremely durable. These specially crafted tips fit perfectly not only on Eppendorf pipettes, but they sit comfortably on almost any pipette. The universal fit provides a lab with the utmost convenience and ease. Also for a lab's satisfaction, Eppendorf Tips are designed to reduce force when attaching and ejecting tips from the pipette. This will ensure the complete seal of the tip, providing accurate and efficient pipetting for any lab.

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