Pipette.com Releases New, One-of-a-Kind Cell Straining Kits

MTC Bio ReadyStrain Preassembled Cell Straining Kits

With the growing need for more convenient, effective products, Pipette.com has added MTC Bio ReadyStrain Preassembled Cell Straining Kits to their arsenal. The newly released ReadyStrain Preassembled Cell Straining Kits are a one-of-a-kind filtration product that comes ready-to-use for filtration of cell suspensions. MTC Bio has created a compact solution for filtration that stands out among the crowd.

The ReadyStrain Cell Straining Kits come preassembled and individually packaged in a sterile pouch that removes the stress of contaminating sterile mesh strainers. Since the cell straining kits are packaged individually, researchers can avoid having to expose entire bags of sterile containers to perform one filtration.  

MTC Bio’s ReadyStrain Cell Straining Kits are the only all-in-one products that come assembled with the strainer, tube and cap that can be opened directly in your hood ready to use. There is no longer a need for gathering multiple items when filtering cell suspensions, as the sterile strainer comes pre-attached to a sterile 50 mL tube along with a separate sterile screw-cap in an easy-open “tear-strip” bag.

The new release of this product fits in with any lab handling cell cultures, reducing “time waste” of having to gather filtration systems and improving efficiency among scientists. These MTC Bio ReadyStrain Cell Straining Kits come in filter sizes 40, 70 or 100 µm ratings to accommodate for any size cell cultures researchers might be working with, making it the perfect fit for any lab. Full range of products and strainers available online now at Pipette.com.

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