Pipette.com Releases New Eppendorf Research Plus Pipette to Portfolio

Eppendorf Research Plus Pipette Provides Ergonomics, Flexibility, and Robustness. Some of the benefits of the Eppendorf Research Plus include: Ultra lightweight, Ergonomically placed control buttons, Low tip ejection force, Completely flexible, Variety of choices, Easy-to-read volume display. The Eppendorf Research Plus Multichannel is an award-winning pipette designed to meet the highest needs for accuracy and precision. It is completely ergonomic, flexible, & durable and an asset to any laboratory. Pipette.com carries a variety of microcentrifuge tubes ranging from 0.5 mL in volume up to 5.0 mL. Eppendorf PCR tubes ensure efficient and homogenous heat transfer to a sample and can be found in volumes of 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5 mL. 

Eppendorf Research Plus Multichannel  Available in 8 and 12 channel. Eppendorf Research plus Multichannel is available in 10, 100, and 300 uL. Ergonomic design. Manufactured utilizing Forton®, which is an organic polymer that is resistant to acids and alkalies, sunlight, abrasions, heat, mildew and bleach. Fully autoclavable. Calibrate your Research plus Multichannel pipette to your needs, you can autoclave the entire pipette or only the lower part. Spring loaded tip cone. The piston is made of Forton® and allows for a tight fit to the pipette tip which reduces the stress in your hand. 

Eppendorf is a prominent name among the scientific community with well-known products such as Eppendorf pipettes, Eppendorf tubes and Eppendorf centrifuges. The success of Eppendorf comes from their continually innovative products, leading the industry in ergonomic and high-quality equipment that fits any laboratory setting. The lines of Eppendorf pipettes and Eppendorf centrifuges are the most popular products from the biotech giant

Eppendorf pipettes are paving the way for ergonomic handling while retaining accuracy and functionality. Featuring spring-loaded tip cones which absorbs pressure when mounting tips, these pipettes reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury. The buttons on every Eppendorf pipette are placed in practical positions, minimizing user exertion and promoting ease of use. Comfortable in the hand, accurate and an extensive history of superiority, Eppendorf pipettes shine within the lab.

Eppendorf centrifuges come with renowned quality and reliability that offer cost-efficient solutions for medium to high-throughput applications heading into the future. Not only do these centrifuges offer versatility through compatibility with swing-bucket rotors that accommodate both plates and tubes, they come with a compact footprint reducing space waste on the lab bench.  

Eppendorf’s assortment of products from pieces of lab equipment such as centrifuges and pipettes all the way to consumables like microcentrifuge tubes is built on their brand. Eppendorf is known for having high-quality, innovative laboratory products with a history dating back over 80 years. A variety of Eppendorf laboratory equipment and consumables is available now at Pipette.com

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