Pipette.com Has Added New Universal Filter Pipette Tips & Centrifuge Tubes to Their Ecommerce Platform

Pipette.com is an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Facility that calibrates and repairs all pipette brands and models. Pipette.com is the largest independent pipette calibration facility on the West Coast. Pipette.com is also a distributor of several manufacturers of pipettes, pipette tips and lab equipment.

The Accutip Universal Filter Pipette Tips are produced in a fully automatic, human-touch-free production facility following strict manufacturing regulations. These universal filter pipette tips are produced from high-quality diamond finish molds using specified medical-grade, virgin polypropylene, which has high transparency. With zero sample carry-over and blocked aerosol contamination, Filter Tips are at the forefront of pipetting technology. Filtered pipette tips are also referred to as aerosol barrier tips as they are fitted with a filter inside the proximal part of the pipette tip, protecting the pipette from aerosols and aspirating viscous or volatile samples into the shaft. This not only protects the pipette from physical damage that might be caused otherwise but also protects against cross-contamination between samples. These filtered pipette tips are ideal for PCR, qPCR, and sensitive sample pipetting. 

In addition to filter tips, Pipette.com has added additional centrifuge tubes. These centrifuge tubes have been designed by scientists to meet all the needs required of centrifuge tubes in today's laboratories, combining the key features from across the market. Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes are designed with leak-proof caps to increase safety, as well as prevent sample loss via spillage or evaporation and prevent contamination of samples and workspaces. The caps are ridged, making them easy to grip for effortless single-handed opening and closing while maintaining a tight and secure seal. Oxford Lab Products Centrifuge Tubes come in 15 mL and 50 mL volumes. These Tubes possess large writing areas for easy marking and identification of different samples and easy labeling - no more squeezing your writing into a tiny writing space. These tubes also have high contrast graduation marks for quick and easy volume identification and recognition. These dark graduation marks are resistant to physical and/or chemical corrosion and will not rub off easily. These Tubes fit most standard and high capacity centrifuge rotors and thus, due to this compatibility, can be incorporated into any lab's existing workflow with any protocol changes or adapters.

Lastly, Pipette.com offers automated calibration software. Pipette.com's Calibration Software provides management and performance of calibrations and maintenance. Qualer's Cloud infrastructure enables calibration and documentation to be processed in real-time, increasing efficiencies and productivity, while reducing costs.

Source: Pipette.com

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