Pipette.com Has Added New Shakers and Pipettes to Their E-Commerce Platform

Pipette.com provides customers with different pipette types and now lab equipment. Pipettes are a common laboratory tool used to transport measured volumes of liquid and come in a multitude of channels, displacements and construction materials.

Pipette.com will also now offer orbital shakers from Oxford Lab Products, Eppendorf, Scientific Industries, Benchmark Scientific, and Labnet to help grow cultures, wash blots, and mix samples. Orbital shakers move in a circular shaking motion at various speeds and are suitable for culturing microbes, washing blots, and general mixing needs. Due to many designs, these orbital shakers do not cause stalite vibrations on benchtops, keeping other processes in the area undisturbed.

Pipette.com will be adding Serological Pipettes and Transfer Pipettes. Designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing, serological pipettes are sterile, pyrogen-free, cotton plugged, and can be used for a variety of liquid handling applications (certified DNase/RNase free). They are manufactured from transparent medical-grade polystyrene and sterilized by gamma radiation.

Pipette.com will now offer digital and analog magnetic stirrers and hotplates from Benchmark, Capp, Labnet, Oxford Lab Products and Scientific Industries. Select from a variety of Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplates makes and models with different characteristics to choose the right units for one's lab.

Lastly, Pipette.com will be adding Tube Rollers to their Lab Equipment Portfolio. Tube rollers are a gentle way to mix a sample thoroughly. Designed to be compact and capable of rolling several vessels at once, tube rollers are safe to use in CO2 and humid environments. Many models are designed to have one side slightly more elevated than the other. This offset height creates a gentle up and down motion called a “wave” effect and guarantees than an entire sample is subject to complete and thorough mixing. Providing homogenous mixing and uniformity, tube rollers are ideal for the gentle mixing of a variety of container sizes.

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