Pipette.com Has Added a New Portfolio of Lab Equipment Products to Their E-Commerce Platform

​With over 20 years of calibration experience, Pipette.com is dedicated to helping scientists achieve the highest level of reproducible results. Pipette.com already provides the most accurate and precise pipette calibration on the market. In addition, Pipette.com will now become a core distributor for some of the smartest laboratory solutions. Pipette.com will be able to provide clients with the ideal lab equipment pricing, selection and reliability. 

Pipette.com will be adding tube rollers and rotators that are popular in a wide variety of applications, including suspension cell culture, blood sample mixing, prevention of blood coagulation, immunoprecipitation and many additional procedures. With many models capable of operating in a cold-room environment, these products are ideal for blood collection and sample laboratories. Pipette.com also offers several incubated rotators that will keep samples at a constant temperature during procedures to ensure accurate results. With bright LED displays and clear viewing panels, a lab can view their samples under operation and confirm proper mixing is being done.

In addition, Pipette.com will be carrying a large selection of standard pour boats, weighing boats, diamond, hexagonal, square and aluminum boats. Weighing boats are open containers that are used to weight granulated, liquid, or solid samples. They are disposable and inexpensive products that can be used for various applications, including weighing in chemistry and organic chemistry. Depending on your needs, you may choose from aluminum, polystyrene, or paper.

A product that is currently in high demand, Pipette.com will now be adding to its lab equipment portfolio of magnetic stirrers. Pipette.com will now offer laboratories digital and analog magnetic stirrers and hotplates from Benchmark, Capp, Labnet, Oxford Lab Products and Scientific Industries. Pipette.com will carry a variety of Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplates makes and models with different characteristics to choose the right units for one's lab.

In addition, Pipette.com will be adding new models of vortex mixers, which are perfect for mixing tubes, bottles, containers or plates from 200 to 3,400 rpm. They are available in either analog or digital form and range from single-container touch-operated vortexers to automated high-capacity vortexers. Pipette.com carries Vortex Mixers from Scientific Industries, Benchmark, Capp, Oxford Lab Products, and Labnet.

Lastly, Pipette.com will be adding additional volumetric pipette and graduated pipettes. Pipette.com will be adding Brandtech volumetric pipettes. This volumetric pipette is a Class A, USP, certified single-volume bulb pipette. High contrast blue enamel print represents the optimum combination of resistance and readability. These volumetric pipettes are available in all ISO sizes from 5mL to 100mL. Made of AR-GLAS®. The optimized flow of geometry in the tip ensures reliable liquid dispensing from the pipette. The mechanical resilience of the tip and its fire-polished edges ensures a long service life. All BLAUBRAND® USP volumetric pipettes are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying USP batch certificate in the original packaging.

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