Pipette.com Announces New PCR Products: All New Product Range for Customers With PCR Application Needs

Today, Pipette.com announced a vast range of PCR products and tools for the life science industries. Industry customers now have an unparalleled choice of supplies and equipment for PCR needs.

Pipette.com leads the laboratory product industry with over 20 years of experience and expertise as one of the largest web-based distributors of pipettes, consumables and lab equipment in the country. Laboratory customers have asked for expanded product availability, and Pipette.com delivers with the latest consumables and equipment for polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Pipette.com has added several new products to its expansive line that life science customers have come to expect. From PCR tubes, PCR reagents, PCR plates, PCR thermal cyclers, and more, Pipette.com has everything customers need to equip a laboratory with the highest quality items available. 

Customers can now access a vast selection of Eppendorf PCR Tubes and Tube Strips at Pipette.com. Eppendorf tubes are the industry gold standard, made of thin-walled polypropylene and designed for optimal heat transfer. These PCR tubes are free from human DNA, DNAse, RNAse, and PCR inhibitors. Customers can now choose from 0.5 mL tubes, 0.2 mL tubes, and 0.1 mL tubes.

A laboratory needs the highest quality PCR reagents for performing PCR reactions and controlled polymerase activities. Pipette.com offers numerous PCR Reagents to perform applications. New reagents on offer include Taq Polymerase, Master Mix, Genotyping kits, cDNA synthesis kits, DNA stains, DNA Ladders and Agarose. 

Pipette.com is driven by industry feedback and demonstrates Pipette.com’s dedication to outstanding customer service, the latest and most reliable laboratory products, and free assistance for laboratory needs. Pipette.com is the industry leader in pipettes, consumables, and other laboratory equipment and supplies. Pipette.com offers comprehensive, collaborative solutions to life science industry leaders.

Source: Pipette.com

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