Pipette.com Adds New Pipette Calibration and Repair Services to Website

With over 20 years of calibration experience, Pipette.com is dedicated to helping scientists achieve the highest level of reproducible results. Pipette.com provides the most accurate and precise calibrated pipettes on the market. Pipette.com will now perform pipette calibration services to almost every pipette and serological pipette currently in the industry to help one's lab become 24/7 audit-ready while embodying the highest level of Accreditation. Pipette.com is an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Facility that will now calibrate and repair all pipette brands and models including Rainin pipette and Eppendorf Pipette. As an ISO 17025 and FDA Registered Facility, a potential client can be rest assured that the most qualified technicians are servicing their pipettes.  

All of the Pipette.com new Calibration Services will take place in a controlled environment, where the highest-quality NIST traceable 5, 6 and 7 place Mettler-Toledo balances with up to 0.0000001g sensitivity are being utilized to calibrate pipettes and repair and tube rollers.  

Pipette.com knows pipettes and motorized controllers are the cornerstones of research and laboratory work, which is why Pipette.com is committed to providing quality pipette calibrations and repairs. To add more value to their calibration, Pipette.com is including a pipette management platform for all of their calibration customers, enabling them to manage their pipettes easily from anywhere at any time with an “audit ready” dashboard.

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