Pioneering Immigration Attorney From Lisbon Announces San Francisco Roadshow to Assist Americans Relocating to Portugal

Bridging Dreams with Reality: Sandra Gomes Pinto Brings Expertise to San Francisco

SGP & Associates Roadshow California

Sandra Gomes Pinto, a pioneering immigration attorney based in Lisbon, Portugal, is pleased to announce a roadshow to San Francisco March 18th - March 24th to provide guidance and support to Americans looking to make Portugal their new home. With a focus on investment and immigration law, Sandra and her predominantly female-led immigration office at SGP & Associates, have been instrumental in facilitating successful transitions for numerous clients.

"Eight years ago, when I started my law practice to help American and Canadian clients successfully move to Portugal, people in my industry thought I was crazy when, in reality, I was ahead of the curve," said Pinto.

Portugal has emerged as a beacon of opportunity for thousands seeking to relocate to this Western European country, drawn by its temperate climate, affordable lifestyle, incredible cuisine, and rich culture.

Sandra Gomes Pinto is excited to seize this opportunity to directly engage with Americans interested in relocating to Portugal and exploring investment opportunities in the country, including the pathway to Portuguese citizenship.

"We're on a mission to bridge dreams with reality, from the cobblestones of Lisbon to the innovation hubs of California," added Sandra Gomes Pinto.

In addition to the roadshow, Sandra Gomes Pinto will be hosting a webinar on March 23rd, 2024, 10:00 AM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM Lisbon Time. The webinar will provide valuable information and answer questions regarding visa options and more for individuals considering relocation to Portugal.

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Sandra Gomes Pinto is a respected immigration attorney based in Lisbon, Portugal, specializing in investment and immigration law. With a strong track record of success and a commitment to personalized service, Sandra and her team at SGP & Associates are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals of living and investing in Portugal.

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