Pioneering a More Collaborative Future for Manufacturing: weavix is Exhibiting at Hannover Messe 2023

weavix and Microsoft Teams integration

weavix™ is set to showcase the latest innovations to its communications and productivity platform on April 17-21 at Hannover Messe 2023, a leading international conference specializing in industrial transformation for manufacturers. 

weavix™ will highlight its integration with Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core, which enables its platform to deliver enterprise-vital solutions, thus supporting the Internet of Workers platform with integration with Azure services, enhanced security, low latency and dependability.

Following the company's collaboration with Microsoft at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, weavix™ is rolling out its integration with Microsoft Teams®. The goal is to leverage the connectivity and solutions provided by Azure Private 5G Core to allow for collaboration between office and frontline workers and address efficiency issues more directly.

"Microsoft has a long and tremendous history with communication technology for office workers," said Ben Burrus, Chief Product Officer at weavix™. "The interoperability between Teams® and weavix™ helps to break down the overt communication barriers that exist between the two distinct groups of workers and, in turn, makes the other 80% of the workforce more accessible. This pairing allows for a seamless and direct route for office workers to communicate using audio and video to frontline workers via the walt™ smart radio."

"Modernizing and empowering frontline workers represent a big opportunity in the evolution and advancement of the manufacturing industry," said Shriraj Gaglani, VP of Product Development, Microsoft. "Manufacturing personnel must be able to effectively communicate on-site and off to continue producing at optimal levels, and we are pleased to see weavix™ growing their portfolio of solutions using Azure private MEC and adding Microsoft Teams® integration to address this opportunity and unmet need."

At the conference, manufacturing professionals and attendees can operate and test the walt™ smart radio and experience a complete demonstration of the platform's communication and productivity solutions. 

Hannover Messe is an international hotspot for the latest in technological advances for industry, drawing in an estimated 200,000 manufacturing professionals, exhibitors, decision-makers and industrial pioneers. 

weavix™ is exhibiting alongside Microsoft's other co-innovation partners in Hall 17 as part of the Intelligent Factory sector. To meet with weavix™ at Hannover Messe 2023 in Hannover, Germany, schedule a time here

About weavix™

weavix™, the Internet of Workers™ platform, revolutionizes frontline communication and productivity on a global scale. Since its founding, weavix™ has shaped the future of work by introducing innovative methods to better connect and empower the frontline workforce, like Enterprise-Vital Push-to-Three (EVPT3) communication. weavix™ transforms enterprise by providing data-driven insights into facilities and teams to maximize productivity and achieve breakthrough results. weavix™ is the single source of truth for both workers and executives. Our mission is to empower workers around the world with disruptive technology. Visit for more information. 

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About weavix

weavix™, the Internet of Workers™ platform, revolutionizes frontline communication and productivity on a global scale.

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