PiN Ministry Implements NewOrg Platform for Case Management, Service Delivery, and Funder Reporting, Including Real-Time Dashboards

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PiN (People in Need) Ministry is a faith-based organization that exists to connect people experiencing homelessness to a loving God who will heal and restore hope.

PiN Ministry has established four pillars to help lift up and support their community. PiN provides Medical Care, Transitional Housing, Job Training, and Substance Abuse Recovery programs, as well as Essential Services such as clothing, hygiene supplies, showers, laundry, and haircuts.

As PiN Ministry has grown and expanded the scope of its services, it needed case management software to track clients across all of its services, while streamlining operations, eliminating spreadsheets, and improving funder reporting.

“We needed to find a Case Management software that would fit all our needs. We chose New Org because we thought it was the best software for us. New Org has been even better than we expected it would be. We have been able to go truly paperless with New Org, and the implementation was seamless.”

Dallas Stamper, Executive Director, PiN Ministry

By utilizing NewOrg’s configurable, all-encompassing data management system, PiN Ministry can effectively manage and maintain up-to-date records of their members, daily attendance, support group attendees, client advocacy assistance, bus pass services, and more.

Guided by NewOrg’s in-house consultants, the implementation for PiN Minstry's case management included:

  • Establish workflow processes to document essential services provided, allowing for easy reporting on the number of hot meals served, clothing items provided and use of shower and laundry facilities.
  • Configuring dashboards to enable first-come first-serve service provision at the touch of a button.
  • Automatic calculations of costs incurred through document provision, making it easy to report on financial totals.
  • Recording attendance for overnight shelter provision, enabling easy reporting of total attendance and prioritization of future shelter spaces
  • Implementing documentation of client advocacy including goal setting and progress tracking, making it easy to know a client's current situation and next steps.
  • Recording of anonymized support group session attendance totals, keeping individual's identities private whilst providing the essential information through reports

About PiN Ministry:

Dallas Stamper
Executive Director

PiN Ministry
1164 Millers Ln Suite A
Virginia Beach, VA   23451

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