PILO: The World's First Odor-Eliminating, Air-Purifying Throw Pillow

BlackStuff hopes to raise CAD $25,000 via Kickstarter campaign to bring its innovative technology into people's homes

​​​​​​​​​​Canadian company BlackStuff today launches its first Kickstarter product campaign for the cutting-edge PILO Purifier: an odor-eliminating, air-purifying throw pillow. What exactly is PILO’s game-changing and 100 percent sustainable secret ingredient? The answer lies in its BlackStuff stuffing, a special activated-charcoal-embedded foam that filters homes of unwanted odors, allergens, pollutants, moisture and other harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.

According to the World Health Organization, 90 percent of people now breathe in polluted air, leading to seven million deaths every year. Troubled by these shocking numbers, the Montreal-based product developers at BlackStuff founded the company with the intent to address this dire situation. They design and commercialize natural, eco-friendly and locally manufactured air purification products that can be integrated into people’s lives with little effort or disruption. PILO is the summation of two years of elaborate research, development and design aimed at offering such a solution.

“Designed with our philosophy of ‘hidden in plain sight’, PILO blends into your home decor and goes unnoticed as it works relentlessly, 24/7, to offer you and your family clean, odorless air. I like to think of it as having a superhero friend protecting you without ever knowing about it,” says Peter Khoury, president and founder of BlackStuff.

PILO’s spectacularly effective activated-charcoal-embedded stuffing is similar to materials used to make high-performance military gas masks. In air purification, surface area is the name of the game: the more there is, the better the filtration properties. Thankfully, because of activated charcoal’s microporous structure, PILO has plenty. In fact, if the entire surface found inside a single PILO can be flattened, an area of roughly four million square feet can be covered, or approximately 70 football fields. Every millimeter of this surface attracts and traps odors and harmful particles with the help of an intermolecular force called van der Waals.

Under normal conditions, PILO lasts between three and five years while requiring no special maintenance. To use it, just place the PILO in a room that needs to be purified and let it do its job. It will help the entire family breathe clean and odorless air without ever having to say “sorry for the smell” - that is what PILO is all about.

For more information and to help BlackStuff get PILO into homes, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here

About BlackStuff

BlackStuff was born out of a desire to exploit the amazing properties of activated charcoal in order to improve the quality of life of its customers. BlackStuff designs and commercializes quality, effective and natural deodorizing and air purification products that blend into people’s lives with little effort or disruption.

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Peter Khoury
​​Founder and President, Blackstuff

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About BlackStuff

BlackStuff was born out of a desire to exploit the amazing properties of Activated Charcoal in order to
improve the quality of life of our customers.

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