PillSafe’s Revolutionary Technology Protects Patients and Physicians From Overuse and Abuse of Opioids

As doctors balance the risks and benefits of pain management, PillSafe technology ensures the managed delivery and distribution of controlled substances. 

“Doctors are faced with a new reality challenge,” said Dr. John Barr, Inventor and co-founder of PillSafe. “Before the COVID pandemic, there was the opioid epidemic, but the national mental health crisis is driving more people to use illicit substances. More and more patients are using a combination of multiple illicit drugs, called polysubstance.”    

With PillSafe technology, doctors can protect themselves from liability by ensuring medication adherence and preventing patient overdoses. When patients have access to more than the prescribed dose, they can medicate based on their perceived pain level rather than the scheduled dosage. The device’s pill timer can also decrease a patient’s overall usage by up to 25%. Doctor offices requiring monthly pill counts for addictive medication prescriptions can trust PillSafe to precisely track missed pills. Knowing with certainty that the device prevents patients from diverting their medication, doctors can better manage prescriptions to ensure the lowest possible dose of potentially addictive substances.   

According to research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 75% of the approximately 107,000 drug overdose deaths in 2021 involved an opioid, a more than 15% increase from the previous year. The CDC guides clinicians on how to work with patients to manage pain.    

“This guidance emphasizes individualized patient care, safe and effective pain options, improving communication between clinicians and patients, and reducing risks associated with opioid pain therapy, including opioid use disorder, overdose, and death,” Barr said.    

Physicians face legal and ethical challenges when prescribing opioids, as they try to balance the risks and benefits of pain management. Medical experts say that rapid dosage tapering, patient abandonment, or the abrupt discontinuation of opioids are not valid options.    

PillSafe protects the patient and the physician by ensuring that patients follow prescriptions as directed. It directly notifies the physician or the pharmacist if the patient fails to comply with medication orders, either by tampering with the bottle or failing to take the medicine as scheduled.     

“PillSafe is the delivery tool that helps the doctor manage pain effectively, identify issues, confirm compliance, and prevent misuse and abuse,” Barr said. “Now more than ever, the medical community and government must think of out-of-the-box solutions to achieve better results. Small, incremental steps have not and will not do the job. We’re in the middle of a public health emergency. It’s time to act. PillSafe is one significant tool that can make a big difference at many levels.”   

PillSafe technology is a revolutionary update, creating a “smart” bottle system that secures addictive medications from the pharmacy to the patient. The user-specific approach integrates an adult-proof cap, an electronic pill counter, a prescription-based time-release feature, and a fail-safe security net to fight prescription drug addiction.   

For more information on PillSafe, please visit https://pillsafeprotection.com/.   

About PillSafe      
PillSafe is a pioneering “smart” technology that shifts the standard of care in the pharmaceutical industry with home delivery and patient compliance in response to the opioid epidemic. The company creates prescription compliance by restricting access to medication to only the patient, keeping medication safe from divergence and abuse. PillSafe's “intelligent” design includes several innovative features that benefit the delivery network from the manufacturer to the pharmacy to the patient. The patented technology includes an electronic label that can increase adherence messaging, two-step verification, or active advertising from the manufacturer to the pharmacy to the patient.    

Source: PillSafe