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PigskinPreviews.com is an online resource by and for football fanatics. Covering both NFL and college ball, the site features hard-hitting news stories, game previews, injury reports, statistical breakdowns, and funny, football-themed videos.

With the start of the 2013 NFL season less than a month away, and college games likewise on the horizon, it is fair to say that football mania is back-and just in time comes the launch of a brand new website, PigskinPreviews.com Launched in early August, the site is run by football fans, for football fans, and provides a range of news, opinions, and special features concerning both professional and college ball.

According to site founder and developer Steve Vitale, the impetus for the site was the simple desire to provide football buffs with an easy place to get information, perspective, and opinion, all in one central hub. "The site is designed to enrich the football experience, whether you're a rabid NFL fan or someone who prefers to cheer for a favorite college team," he comments. "Without combination of news reports and opinion pieces-the latter expressed primarily through the site blog-we are devoted to telling it like it is, but also offering some insight and even some humor along the way."

The heart of the site, Vitale says, is its lineup of game previews. "We offer full rundowns of all upcoming NFL games, and we also deliver previews of the top 25 college football games," he affirms. "On top of that, we deliver up-to-the-minute, hard-hitting news stories, making PigskinPreviews.com a great go-to for any football fan who just wants to stay in the loop."

There are a number of other useful resources provided on the site, Vitale says-useful for casual football buffs, Fantasy Football players, and more. "Our site offers full schedules, injury reports, and statistical breakdowns that are sure to capture the interest of any pigskin enthusiast," he opines.

More than anything else, though, Vitale says the site strives to maintain a casual, playful tone.

"We're nothing if not serious about football, but we also want our site to be fun," he says. This extends to the humorous videos and funny articles shared on the main page, and on the corresponding social media feeds.

More than anything else, Vitale hopes the site is marked by a simple but infectious love for the game. "The folks who run this site are just fans of the game, like anyone else," he explains. "We hope to take football fandom to the next level with PigskinPreviews.com."

The site is reachable via http://www.pigskinpreviews.com

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