Piction Network Announces Partnership With PICA

Piction Network, a leading NFT platform in Korea, has strategically partnered with PICA on the joint development of NFTs based on PICA's creative assets.

Piction Network plans to tokenize the IP of PICA's artists and their works and auction them in the Piction Network NFT Marketplace. They will also create a shared ecosystem of promising artists and creators from the Piction Network and the PICA platform.

Piction Network is the leading marketplace and ecosystem for NFT goods in Korea. Its platform facilitates the issuance and trading of digital cartoons, dramas, movies, games, and music. The platform has established partnerships with Klaytn, Afreeca TV, Flitto, Sandbox Network, and Coinplug and has a network of 35 million users.

PICA provides an opportunity for anyone to participate in art investment through its platform that facilitates access to expensive art investments through shared ownership.

Source: Piction Network


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