Launches a Science and Math Blog

Physics Forums, the largest online science community releases a math and science blog. Topics include the fields of physics, engineering, chemistry and more. Formats include articles, tutorials, guides and even quizzes.

Physics Forums is the Internet's largest and highest quality science and math community with over 4.5 million posts, nearly 200,000 members worldwide, and 5 million visitors each month.

Physics Forums has released Physics Forums Insights (PFI), a daily educational science and math blog. New math and science content is published every day. Content comes in many forms such as articles, tutorials, guides and even quizzes to test your knowledge.

PFI is designed to be accessible for all educational backgrounds and science interests. Content topics include physics, engineering, math, chemistry, biology and more. Some of the most popular content produced are the comprehensive academic guides like the 20-part "So you want to be a physicist" series or the "Frequently Made Errors" series.

Each PFI author is a trusted Physics Forums community member who is either at graduate level or a professional in his or her field. The PFI writing team is made up entirely of volunteers who are enthusiastic about their fields and about sharing interesting content.

Reception of PFI has been very positive and the blog has collected many Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets. One member is quoted saying, "There are so many insights and they have such a high quality that it is astonishing! Please continue to produce these amazing insights!"

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