Physician Practice 'OrthoIllinois' to Open an Orthopedic Center of Excellence Serving Far Suburban Residents With New Specialty Clinic

No more drives to large city centers to receive specialty care

Key project executives break ground

It’s all too common for suburban and rural residents to travel long distances to larger city centers to receive specialized medical care. Answering this need in 2018, the physician practice “OrthoIllinois” will open an Orthopedic Center of Excellence serving far suburban residents with a new specialty clinic providing sophisticated Orthopedic procedures normally seen only in large urban medical centers.

Frank Talbert, the President of ObraWerks, a healthcare architect and the project’s manager spoke to the uniqueness of the center. “It is remarkable to see a physician group this specialized make such a large investment this far from an urban population base. It’s a savvy move because they are shifting the normal dynamic by providing specialty care to patients near their neighborhood.” Talbert continued, “This is new, plenty of physicians have changed to outpatient service, but OrthoIllinois is providing an extraordinary specialty. Patients would otherwise travel long distances to be seen by specialists of this caliber.”

The new center will provide bone and joint care, physical and occupational therapy, MRI and imaging services, and a unique Injury Express walk-in center.  OrthoIllinois also provides hand, spine and joint procedures as well as trauma care in their network.  CEO Don Schreiner said there is a 40 percent migration rate where people travel from McHenry County and go to Chicago or other large cities for specialized medical services.

Additionally, instead of sitting in a waiting room, clients can visit the center seven days a week for urgent care, at the cost of a regular office visit, Marketing Director Lynne Pratt said.

“This service will help save people a lot of time, and they won’t have to sit and wait in a lobby for treatment with others but can be treated for exactly their conditions such as sports injuries, concussions, back and joint problems and more,” Pratt said.

Village Trustee Janis Jasper said the facility will be a wonderful addition to Algonquin. “It’s invaluable to have something so close-by in the village where you can receive specialized care,” Jasper said. “Residents can’t always make trips so far away.”

Construction for the 30,000-square-foot Center of Excellence began Tuesday; OrthoIllinois hopes to be open in September 2018. The clinic also plans to add a pediatric orthopedic specialist by late 2018.

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Source: OrthoIllinois


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