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One Nine Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy is a new physical therapy and rehabilitation practice in Solana Beach, CA offering the highest level of care and service in health. Doctors of Physical Therapy provide excellent care using state-of-the-art methods and technology to ensure rapid recovery from injury. Free consultations are available for those seeking better care options to the traditional physical therapy and rehabilitation. Athletes seeking elite level care should visit website.

A new approach to physical therapy and physical rehabilitation is now available in Solana Beach, CA. Dave Gerbarg, Doctor of Physical Therapy, has opened a practice that now promises elite level care that is available to athletes of all ages. Until now, there has not been a physical therapy clinic that places such an emphasis on the patient experience and service than One Nine.

Dr. Gerbarg has worked with hundreds of athletes to eliminate pain, reduce dysfunction, and improve sports performance. He has extensive training in manual therapy techniques, including: joint mobilization and manipulation, functional rehabilitation, functional training, golf injury prevention, tissue massage, PNF, ART, and more. Utilizing a hands-on approach with an emphasis on education, Dr. Gerbarg produces fast results for athletes.

Using state-of-the-art methods and technology to identify the causes of pain and dysfunction in athletes of all ages, these Dr of Physical Therapy will carefully address the individual needs of patients and ensure rapid recovery from injury. Those suffering from aches, pains, muscle strains, broken bones, tendonitis, weakness, neck pain, back pain, or other injuries should look for the best in physical medicine. Sports-related injuries are common in the active San Diego population, and One Nine understands the needs of patients to return to running, cycling, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, rugby, or other sports quickly.

One Nine empowers athletes to return to sport with a better understanding of their body, strategies for eliminating and avoiding pain, and improved performance. The results are profound. 

One Nine Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy plans expansion in 2016 to address the needs of a large population. The office is located in Solana Beach, easily accessible from Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Cardiff by the Sea, and Carmel Valley. The office address is 722 Genevieve St, Suite S in Solana Beach, CA 92075.

If you or someone you know wants the best care available to get back to activity, somewhere you will be educated on the cause of your injury so it is eliminated, One Nine Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy is the place to go. 


Phone: (858) 848-6639 ; Fax: (844) 231-8868


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