PHP Agency Celebrates 12th Anniversary

PHP Agency, Inc., a tech-enabled life insurance field marketing organization, announced today the celebration of the organization's 12 year anniversary.

In 2009, Patrick Bet-David, CEO and Founder of PHP, started with a purpose of helping people and a vision to bring life insurance to multi-cultural middle-class America while simultaneously providing an entrepreneurial opportunity to individuals in these communities. 

"The growth and success we have experienced over the past 12 years is truly incredible," says Patrick Bet-David. "Our mission has been Saving America by increasing diversity in the life insurance industry while helping educate families to plan for a better financial future."

PHP Agency started in Northridge, California, when 66 life insurance agents joined Patrick to realize his vision. Since then, more than 20,000 individuals have become licensed agents and well over 300,000 families have been served through life insurance products and financial education.

"Our exponentially growing network of PHP agents is a proven testament that regardless of background, gender, race and stage in life, when people are given the opportunity, they are able to achieve their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs all while providing financial protection for families," continues Bet-David.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to PHP values and in line with the company's long-standing commitment to represent the diversity of America. "With more than 51% of women in the PHP workforce, we believe our inclusive environment correlates to the success of our agents while increasing diversity in the industry," says Jennifer Bet-David, Founder of PHP Ladies, an internal group of women leaders. 

 As PHP Agency continues to grow, the organization strives to educate individuals about the importance of life insurance and the role it plays in protecting families' financial security. The company addresses the growing coverage gap in the U.S., which accounts for over 102 million Americans who live without life insurance.*

PHP's active agents represent the agency as they advocate for the value and peace of mind that comes with the right coverage. With many Americans uninsured, the company makes life insurance relevant for households who need to have a coverage policy in place. 

Sheena Sapaula, Board Council and Chairwoman of the Field Advisory Board at PHP, adds, "When you look at where PHP is today, there is no doubt this is a unique organization with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With a vision of being the largest field marketing organization, we attract people who want to be a part of history - something bigger than themselves."

PHP opens its door to anyone who is looking to better themselves by providing an opportunity of business ownership for agents to build a life insurance agency within a world-class platform.

About PHP Agency Inc.

Founded in 2009, PHP Agency Inc. is a tech-enabled national field marketing organization (FMO). PHP partners with leading insurance and annuity carriers and provides a part-time or full-time opportunity to those seeking careers as life insurance agents. PHP is privately headquartered in Addison, Texas.



Source: PHP Agency, Inc.