Photrist Just Released Its Adventurer Version, Where Photographers Can Earn 100% Commission

Photrist released their Adventurer Version which gives the ability to photographers to make 100% commission. Adventurer gives everyone the ability to upload their original photos and offers a fresh new approach to buying and sharing photos online.

Say Goodbye to Stock Photos™. Photrist is the anti-stock photography website and is positioning itself against the status quo because Photrist believes Life is More Than a Stock Photo™. Photrist is offering a fresh new option to photographers for posting and selling their original photos online. However, it is not just for the professional photographer, but for anyone who likes snapping a photo. Photrist is just getting started and has over 50,000 people following them on Social Media. 

Photrist takes security seriously and works hard to protect the photographer's photos. Where other platforms are satisfied to use technologies with known vulnerabilities, Photrist uses its creativity to deliver the best and safest experience. Photrist security is based on a brand-new technology (patent-pending) that makes it possible to buy, sell, and share photos from anywhere. There are many other benefits that will be posted to in the coming months.

The Photrist Adventurer is the second version released giving everyone a platform for photo sharing. Anyone can sign up to obtain a free Photrist account, however, using the Photrist Adventurer version is 10 credits a month. This version allows photographers to keep 100 percent of their sales, and set their own price on their photos they upload. This version also allows the user to create galleries allowing them to easily sort their photos and makes it even easier for their audience to view their work. Starting in September 2017, users will easily embed their photos that are on to their website in seconds and put their personal watermark on their photos.

The Photrist Adventurer is extremely robust, offering full print media options for canvas, postcards, and prints. This version will give everyone the ability to see how their photo sharing is working by utilizing extensive analytics. There is even 50GB of storage for the Adventurer user.

Life is not about stock photos, which is why Dan Komo, co-founder of Photrist stated, "When was the last time you said that's a great stock photo? Never!"  He continued to say, "That's why we created Photrist. It's the place where anyone can upload and sell their photos. It's for everyone including bloggers, marketers, and anyone wanting to buy real photos. No longer do they have to pick from the same old, dull, stale stock photos."

The Photrist community is full of unique photos added daily. Photrist fills a need for people needing real photos that are not the ordinary stock photo.  The platform gives business owners and bloggers a place to discover photos covering almost every subject possible they can use as they see fit. There is opportunity for pictures to appeal for all subjects capturing originality, quality, different, interesting, beautiful, special, and emotional moments.

The Photrist platform allows the ability for users to share their photos, and the followers can comment on the photos as well as share them with their friends. People spend a considerable amount of time taking pictures and posting them on all forms of social media. This social media platform promotes each person's photos to others looking to buy them. Now people can get paid for being social.

Sign up today for your free Photrist account and start uploading your pictures. Download the Photrist mobile app which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

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Photrist is the anti-stock photo website. Photographers, both hobbyist and professionals alike, are amazing at taking the perfect photos. Photrist creates the environment for you to upload and sell your real and original photos.