Photolemur, the World's First Fully Automated Photo Enhancement Solution, Launches in Beta

The first public beta of Photolemur, the world's first fully automated photo enhancement solution, is now available for Mac OS.

Photolemur Technologies

​​​The first public beta of Photolemur, the world's first fully automated photo enhancement solution, is now available for Mac OS.

Developed by an international team of photographers, developers and entrepreneurs, Photolemur simplifies photo editing performing all complex image enhancement operations with very little human involvement.

The first Photolemur beta is available as a free download for Mac OS users only. Within the next eight months, Photolemur will also be available on Windows. The Photolemur team is also working on mobile and web versions.

The Beta is available from:

“Photolemur’s mission is to bridge the gap between what our eyes see and what our cameras record,” says Nazar Begen, CMO or Photolemur. “Photolemur doesn’t alter the reality of your photos, but makes them more beautiful and natural. Just like what you saw when you took the photos. Plus, it doesn’t require learning or even heavy involvement. It does everything for you.”


The Photolemur algorithm is powered by a self-learning mechanism that automatically analyzes millions of pixels per second, identifies faces, objects, colors and more. Photolemur performs complex image improvements that traditionally require manual control, a variety of different editing tools, human involvement and, of course, time.

The algorithm evolves over time as it remembers every photo that was successfully enhanced &andsaved. Based on this knowledge, Photolemur makes any necessary improvements. Every saved or shared photo is added to a virtual success database. If a user does not share or save a photo, Photolemur adds it to a virtual blacklist, ensuring that all future enhancements are based on a history of success.


  • Automated image enhancement with very little human involvement
  • Batch processing for all types of photos, including RAW format 
  • Native RAW processor 
  • Face recognition and improvement
  • Automated Color Recovery
  • Advanced Noise Reduction 
  • Proprietary Foliage Enhancement Technology
  • Sky Enhancement 
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Tint Perfection
  • Dehaze Technology
  • JPG fix algorithm


Photolemur is the brainchild of Dmitry Sytnik, a professional photographer and co- founder of Macphun Software, the team behind award-winning software, such as: Aurora HDR, Snapheal, Tonality, Noiseless and others.

In 2014, Dmitry formed a team of developers and image analysts to create a fully automated photo enhancement solution. In early 2016, Dmitry invited Nazar Begen to lead the marketing and business operations. Photolemur’s core business team consists of four people, including Dmitry and Nazar.


Public beta testing will run until November. The team will work closely with all beta users, collecting data and improving the algorithms. Once the public beta is over, Photolemur for Mac OS will be officially launched and available for purchase. The Windows version is expected between December 2016 and January 2017.

For more information about Photolemur, visit:

For press inquiries, contact: Nazar Begen, CMO Photolemur


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