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As one of the fastest growing educational sites for professional photographers, recently launched "Why?" introducing artists to the leaders in imaging today. Each post features a favorite image by a respected leader in photography and a short sound-byte, where they share the story behind the image.

by Denis Reggie

Each day we see hundreds of photographs, but we rarely know the stories behind them. "Why?" a new series on the Skip Cohen University blog now features 28 artists sharing their stories behind some of the most iconic and beautiful images in professional photography.

"I had two goals when I launched this new series. First, there are too many new photographers in the profession who don't know the leading artists and educators in the industry," said Skip Cohen. "Second, we've all looked at beautiful images and read an explanation from the original artist. I wanted something different and hearing from the artists themselves adds a whole new dimension to a blog post."

"I wanted something different and hearing from the artists themselves adds a whole new dimension to a blog post."

Skip Cohen, SCU Founder/President

One of the most iconic images featured in the series to date was captured by Denis Reggie, almost twenty years ago of John Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette. Other artists to date include some of the most recognized names in professional photography with Joe McNally, Peter Hurley, John Sexton, John Paul Caponigro, Rick Sammon and Tamara Lackey, just to name a few.

Each week there are typically two more artists being featured on the SCU site along with dozens of guest posts, videos and original content - all in support of photographic education.

About Skip Cohen University: Launching in 2013, this fast growing educational platform was founded by Skip Cohen, photo industry executive, author, speaker and past president of Hasselblad USA and Rangefinder Publishing. Partners in the project who have educational content regularly featured on the site include Marathon Press, Panasonic LUMIX Cameras, Photodex, Profoto USA, Shutter Magazine, Sprout Studio, Tamron USA and X-Rite Photo & Video.

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