Phoenix Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Sales Now at Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC

Introductory pricing and sales are going on now at Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC. With a fully stocked warehouse, they invite customers to come down to their shop to check out the Phoenix Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers in person.

Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC has recently partnered with Phoenix Auto Equipment LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Phoenix manufactures quality wheel service equipment at affordable prices. The components that comprise a Phoenix tire changer are quality: a bead breaker cylinder built to last with 5500 lbs of force, metal air valves rather than plastic, and a motor and transmission that run smooth - with no vibration - and transfer sufficient power to handle even larger wheels, such as Ford F350.

Foot control pedals operate metal air control valves structured for long trouble-free operation.

The adjustable air regulator and water trap is mounted beside the automatic oiler, which is necessary to keep the machine lubricated – where there is compressed air, there is often moisture. The oiler drips oil into the machine each time you use a foot pedal function, spreading lubricant throughout the system and limiting wear on parts. It is easy to fill, just spin off the reservoir, on and off in a minute. Strong large cylinders under the turntable move the rim clamps in and out and provide a solid grip on wheels. The steel duck head — which removes and installs the tire on the wheel — is lined with plastic inserts to protect against damage to wheels.

Included as a standard piece is an all-plastic duck head that may be installed when working with high end wheels which are fragile.

Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC offers technical assistance either in person or by phone, depending on customer location. They also stock all replacement parts.

Please check out Phoenix Tire Changers, Phoenix Wheel Balancers and discounted combo packages on our website. All products feature free shipping, and there is no sales tax.  Celebrating 40 years of business this year.