Phoenix Pool Deck Resurfacing Contractor Launches New Website

The most passionate, proven and popular pool deck repair company in Phoenix, Arizona just went live with a new website that makes it faster and easier to find them, review their work, ask questions and schedule a free estimate.

Pool Deck Reapir Phoenix AZ

“We noticed the majority of concrete contractors relying on ugly, outdated, boring websites that were hard to find and even harder to use,” says Pool Deck Phoenix creator Brad Campbell.

An SEO specialist, Campbell works closely with Phoenix business owners to keep them from drowning in the Sea of Sameness.

“You do a few Google searches to size up the competition, and what you see is laughable.  It’s like - hey, 2003 called… they want their website back,” he adds.

“It’s mid-2016.  Your online presence is everything these days.  You need a website that’s smart, simple, beautiful, intuitive - and it must work flawlessly on smartphones and tablets.  I think we nailed it with this project.  The pool deck remodeling company I’m working with loves the new website, but more important, their phone is blowing up,” explains Campbell.

You can check out his handiwork by visiting:

“The internet is incredibly noisy.  I hit ‘mute’ on that noise by making websites that work.  They show up everywhere; look great on all devices, especially mobile; and make it easy and obvious to find information, ask questions, contact the business, and become a customer.  I expect Pool Deck Phoenix to double my client's pool redecking and resurfacing projects over the next 90 days.”

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, workaholic and control freak, Campbell can’t help but differentiate himself from other Phoenix SEO companies by refusing to outsource to low-level employees, or worse, overseas contractors.

“I don’t have the most scalable SEO service,” he chuckles.  “But doing each step myself is the reason my process works so well.  It’s not that my search engine optimization competitors don’t know SEO - they’re just not willing to roll up their sleeves and grind like me.  That’s the difference.”

To see if Campbell has any openings, please visit:


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