Phoenix Conference to Feature ITRS Roundtable on Semiconductor Water

ULTRAPURE WATER Micro 2010 in Phoenix Nov. 16 and 17 will have an ITRS Roundtable on semiconductor water treatment. Participants will get the chance to meet with semiconductor industry endusers and others active in microelectronics water treatment.

The semiconductor industry relies on high-purity water as part of the manufacturing process for microchips used in many consumer and industrial products. Personal and business computers, cell phones, office equipment, home entertainment, and digital cameras, among others are examples of such products. This year's ULTRAPURE WATER Micro 2010, to be conducted Tuesday, Nov. 16, and Wednesday, Nov. 17 at the Mesa Hilton Hotel (Phoenix), will feature presentations on key topics related to the production of semiconductor-grade water. The sessions will also offer a roundtable discussion on work by the ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors) guidelines for semiconductor water treatment.

The ULTRAPURE WATER conference technical paper topics will examine semiconductor water treatment standards, system improvements, monitoring, and water reclaim and reuse. Speakers will include Lindsey Stahl of IBM; John Morgan of H2Morgan; David Blackford of Fluid Measurement Technologies; Tim Miller of Purdue University; David Hubler of the University of Arizona; and Markus Bernasconi of SWAN Analytische Instruments.

The conference will feature tabletop exhibits opportunities for attendees to network with industry endusers and others active in semiconductor water treatment.

There is still time to register for the meeting that is sponsored by ULTRAPURE WATER, an on-line journal that focuses on the business and technology of water treatment. Conference registration may be done on-line at Or, the conference program may be downloaded at and the registration form may be faxed to 303/973-6700. The Hilton Hotel where the conference will be held is located at 1011 West Holmes Ave. in Mesa, Ariz., and can be reached at 480/833-5555. For questions about the meeting, please call 303/973-6700 or send an email to

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