PHN Delivers Hearing Health Services at the Point of Care

Physicians Hearing Network (PHN), a provider in the hearing services market is committed to educating patients and medical communities about the impact that hearing loss has on an individual’s overall health, safety and happiness. More importantly, it generates awareness about the consequences of untreated hearing loss and the many available treatment options for patients today.

PHN is the largest, fastest-growing provider for hearing services exclusive to physicians. It partners with primary care practices across the nation to provide patients access to hearing healthcare services through their physicians. Its mission is particularly important, as growing numbers of Americans are reporting hearing loss. The Hearing Loss Association of America reports nearly 50 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss.

Hearing loss often goes unnoticed, so physicians play an important role in identifying the signs and why its program is so effective. Its turnkey business solution for physicians delivers patients convenient hearing testing directly inside their practice at no cost to the patient or to the practice. This gives patients the advantage of getting screened for hearing loss by licensed hearing service providers as a continuation of the care and services they are accustomed to receiving from their trusted family physician.

“PHN is the new alternative in hearing healthcare,” says Chuck Redepenning, President and CEO. “We are at the forefront of a major disruption in the hearing services industry. We envision patients throughout the nation will be able to access hearing health information, obtain hearing tests, and purchase hearing aids at the primary point of care (through their primary care physician).”

To learn more about our program and how it benefits physicians and patients, please visit or call (210) 479-4327.

Source: Physicians Hearing Network


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