PhishCloud Announces Strategic Partnership With CyberForce Security to Deliver Comprehensive Phishing Protection to CyberForce Customers and MSPs

PhishCloud, Inc., an IT Security Services company that empowers people to make intelligent decisions on digital phishing threats, fortifies IT visibility so they can quickly respond to that threat, and delivers targeted education to reduce the risk of phishing attacks, today announced a strategic partnership with CyberForce Security, a master distributor of next-generation cybersecurity products and subscription services to resellers and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), that will allow CyberForce to integrate PhishCloud's anti-phishing services into its portfolio.

PhishCloud allows both employees and IT and security teams to:

  • Avoid risky clicks with intelligent, traffic light-style visual indicators that clearly identify safe, suspicious, or malicious content in email, web browsers, social media, and messaging apps.
  • Automatically block malicious content before it can do damage.
  • Significantly reduce the time to risk prediction, incident prediction, and incident response with real-time attribution reporting.
  • Machine learning and AI technology protects users from threats seen across the globe.
  • Integrate with existing tools and workflows, including SIEM platforms.
  • Deliver real-time, targeted training to employees based on malicious content seen so they understand how to spot malicious content.

PhishCloud CEO Terry McCorkle, who spent 15 years of his career as an ethical hacker with the U.S. military and fortune 500, said, "My early career was spent learning how to exploit people with phishing attacks, and I understand the complexities in detecting them. Our promise at PhishCloud is to show you that people can become part of cybersecurity defense while eliminating the need for phishing simulation. We're very happy and committed to our new partnership with CyberForce, their MSP partners, and the customers we are protecting."

Commenting on the partnership, CyberForce Chairman Greg Fitzgerald added, "PhishCloud is solving the root of the problem in cybersecurity: the phishing entry point. Most cyberattacks get a foothold on a computer simply by an errant and accidental 'clicking' of a malicious link in an email or on a web site. PhishCloud is the easiest to use and most advanced technology we've experienced to solve this problem. We are excited to help protect the mass of consumers and businesses from this growing and often indiscernible threat with their technology."

About PhishCloud

PhishCloud, Inc., an IT security services company, makes people a key ingredient in security architecture, not the weakest link, giving IT both visibility and confidence in how their people work every day. PhishCloud provides tools that empower people to make intelligent decisions on digital phishing threats, fortifies IT visibility so they can quickly respond to that threat, and delivers targeted education to reduce the risk of phishing attacks. PhishCloud delivers comprehensive visibility into phishing attacks across all digital threat vectors so IT can respond to and block phishing threats that people see in real time.  PhishCloud then delivers real-time training based on what people see so that training is targeted, meaningful and teaches people their role in an organization's security architecture. Learn more here.

About CyberForce Security

CyberForce Security is a global value-added distributor. We take a consultative "value-add" solution approach by collaborating with our partners and their customers to understand their needs, both from a technology and business perspective. Businesses of all sizes need enterprise-grade solutions and capabilities to protect their growth opportunities. Our customer-first approach is strengthened by a commitment to provide you with the most knowledgeable resources in the industry. For MSP/MSSPs, we break the barrier to entry with vendors and provide you an opportunity to grow your business by not requiring a minimum license count to get started, whether you just started your business and have one device or if you have thousands of devices, we are here to help you protect your customers. Learn more here.

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