Philogen Announces the Authorisation of a Clinical Trial With Phc-102 for the Imaging of Renal Cell Carcinoma


Philogen S.p.A. ( announced today, that an exploratory clinical study involving PHC-102, a 99mTc-labeled small molecule ligand of Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CAIX) for the non-invasive detection of renal cell carcinoma and other CAIX-expressing tumors, was authorised by the Austrian competent authorities. The study is part of a collaboration between Philogen’s Swiss subsidiary Philochem AG and the Division of Nuclear Medicine, Medical University of Vienna. In this phase I study, patients will be imaged using SPECT/CT at the Division of Nuclear Medicine, Medical University of Vienna.

CAIX is a hypoxia-inducible membrane-bound enzyme, highly over-expressed in renal cell carcinoma and in certain other tumor types. CAIX-positive tumors have so far been successfully imaged using antibody-based products. However, macromolecular radiotracers based on antibodies in IgG format typically exhibit slow clearance from the blood, requiring imaging at late time points and exposing patients to unnecessary radiation burden.

PHC-102 has been shown in preclinical models to reach its target much more rapidly and efficiently than antibody-based radiotracers. High tumor:organ and tumor:blood ratios were observed a few hours after intravenous administration, suggesting that PHC-102 has the potential to improve the detection of small tumor masses, with excellent radiosafety.

Philochem AG is a division of the Philogen group, which focuses on the development of DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries and of innovative pharmaceutical products. “The clinical investigation of PHC-102 will provide quantitative clinical information, regarding the possibility to target CAIX-positive tumors using small organic ligands: an area which we have contributed to innovate, thanks to advances in chemical research and in DNA-encoded chemical libraries,” commented Prof. Dario Neri, co-founder and President of the Scientific Advisory Board of Philogen.

This project receives financial support within the frame of Eurostars Project n° E!9669 (

Source: Philogen S.p.A.