Philly Based AI Start-Up Clarip to Address Key Data Breach Issues at Cyber Risk Conference in California

We live in a world of data and privacy breaches and it appears that no one is immune from it. The recent media coverage on breaches is shedding more light and visibility on this issue — making IT leaders, insurers, compliance/risk professionals, and business executives take a closer look at data privacy risks and what they can do to protect from needless liability and exposure.

Philadelphia based start-up Clarip Inc.’s CEO Andy Sambandam will participate in this year’s Cyber Liability conference in Santa Monica as a panel speaker on Threat Intelligence. NetDiligence hosts these conferences each year in Philadelphia, Santa Monica, Toronto and London, and these are attended by hundreds of insurance, security and privacy technology leaders from all over the world. These conferences feature a faculty of renowned speakers and thought leaders from the industry for two days of panel discussions, providing valuable information for attending insurers and lawyers. The conference brings together innovators and technology experts and gives attendees an opportunity to connect with leaders in privacy, and learn from their experiences and insights.

Companies must respect their customer preferences and bring in clarity and transparency to their privacy practices, just because it is the right thing to do.

Andy Sambandam, Founder and CEO, Clarip

“Having a comprehensive understanding of all the data privacy risks on your public facing assets is critical not only for compliance and security reasons, but also for business growth”, said Andy Sambandam, Founder and CEO of Clarip. Leaders from Clarip and other cyber risk firms will discuss the benefits of Proactive Cyber Risk Monitoring, how to understand threats related to data flows, how to explore threats at every node, and the power of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence.

“The high-adoption rate of cloud-based services, and third-party APIs has, in turn, created a critical need for proactive due diligence. Understanding gaps in disclosure notices are important for legal and compliance officers. We have seen many cases where the privacy notice states one thing, and actual reality on the website unravels something entirely different. Privacy and compliance offices are simply not equipped to handle the pace in which technology is advancing. Software and app developers rely on external tools and APIs and bring in risks associated with them. An average enterprise or e-commerce website contains several hundred third-party beacons and cookies, and understanding how your customer data flows through them is important,” noted Andy Sambandam, CEO of Clarip. He also added, "Companies must respect their customer preferences and bring in clarity and transparency to their privacy practices, just because it is the right thing to do."

Clarip has a patent-pending AI-based technology that brings companies and consumers together to help manage data risks, and consent. Clarip’s technology offers a powerful visualization that allows cyber risk, security and privacy professionals to get a grasp on the enormity of data risks associated with their websites and apps. From a GDPR Compliance standpoint, making sure your organization adheres to appropriate and reasonable standards of data security and privacy is the key to run a successful privacy program.

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Clarip Inc. is an Enterprise Data Privacy and Risk Management Platform. Based on Hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence), Clarip helps companies understand cyber risks around data and helps better engage with customers. Clarip brings powerful consent management capabilities to organizations and allow them to manage customer preferences across multiple channels - mobile, web, IoT, and more! From real-time event-based response for security breaches to proactive risk intelligence, using Clarip APIs and frameworks you can minimize risks and build new revenue streams. To learn more about Clarip’s enterprise data privacy management solutions, please visit

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About Clarip

Clarip is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Philadelphia area. Clarip has a patent-pending technology based on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence that brings consumers and companies together to better manage privacy and preferences!