Philly-Area Nonprofit Publishes #Ichoosetowin Magazine to Feature Women Who Are Winning!

#ichoosetowin magazine highlights women unleashing their God-given gifts to positively impact the world. Featuring the stories of 10 dynamic women who are winning in life. Check it out.

Summer 2016 Cover Page

I Choose To Win, a 501(c)(3) Philadelphia-area nonprofit focused on women's empowerment, released its fourth issue of #ichoosetowin magazine, a motivational and inspirational publication featuring the stories of everyday women who are winning in life. 

The organization seeks to help women awaken to their purpose, pursue their passion, harness their personal power in order to realize their full potential. As a motivational and inspirational organization, I Choose To Win develops content and programming that builds confidence, boosts esteem, reassesses significance and redefines value from a societal world view to a godly world view. 

Program founder, Melonie Butler says, "I Choose To Win seeks to fight against complacency, mediocre living and passionless existence that are symptomatic of deeply seeded internal or societal messages that cause some women to believe they are not enough in some area or another. It's our hope to help women realize again the purpose placed within them and resurface buried passions to increase their contributions to the world and challenge them to unleash their gifts to serve others."  

Winning defined by the organization is living out the boldness, braveness and brilliance women naturally possess when unleashing their God-given gifts to positively impact the world. In this Summer 2016 #ichoosetowin magazine issue, themes covered include: Living Beyond My Pain, Being the Game Changer in my Life, Finding Freedom and Power in My Body and Investing in My Dreams.  It also tackles dealing with depression, victim2victor:Mindset Shift, young entrepreneurship and growing through insecurities. 

Source: I Choose To Win

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