Philip Granere Starts Radio EDM

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) February 21, 2014 Philip Granere resident of Salt Lake City, has accumulated a unique blend of business management, information technology and hardware skills and over 18 years of experience.

In addition to his latest work, Charles Philip Granere is the president and CEO of a web hosting company, Streamline Internet Solutions and Utah CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) Phil Streamline Internet Granere established in 2003 and Utah May 2013. Currently CERT Charles Granere manages activities and maintains more than 750 networked users and Dial and his team.

I'm pretty busy, besides putting in my best work in other technology companies, also I address my own business, but I like being busy, Phil said ..

Phi Granere currently works as a Senior Information Security Officer. Granere Phil is originally from Sandy, Utah. He attended the University of Denver, where he graduated with a degree in information technology in 2001. Since then, Phillip Granere has worked for several firms senior IT, including DoubleClick, Streamline Internet Solutions Internet and Utah.

Charles Phillip Granere, Mr

The new company is called digital digital Extacy XTC pronounced, with the theme of love Felipe electronic music the name does not promote criminal activity or drug use, just pure love erotic love trance, dance, house, progressive house and other forms of EDM. Of course some of the songs may have to be explicit sexually suggestive lyrics, which is not always the case. ???? Most people think that EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is for children. "Being 34, I know that most people of my generation who have extreme love for this music" Granere said. ????

The station runs on Shoutcast technology, and you can simply visit the site to listen Flash Player, or you can download one of the many free applications for android as XiiaLive or Shoutcast Player for the iPhone and make a simple search for digital XTC and you should be able to tune in ????
digital XTC also keep it free advertising from the station and station identifiers only have fun on occasion. "I'm not doing this to really make a profit, I'm doing this for the love of music," said Phil Granere.

Philip Granere earned his degree in information technology at the University of Denver in 2001. Besides working at a major consulting firm, Charles Philip Granere is the president and CEO of a company website hosting and security services, speed Internet solutions.

The web hosting company provides a high level of quality service, said Phil Granere. Our hosting plans hosting cheap, fast and reliable support one-stop service are combined.

About Charles Philip Granere

He attended the University of Denver where he graduated with a degree in information technology in 2001.

Charles Philip Granere

Sandy, Utah


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