Phil Dubois to Lead Drug Testing Industry Association

The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) held its annual meeting last week in Phoenix, Arizona and Phil Dubois took over as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Founded in 1995, the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) represents over 1400 members. DATIA represents the entire spectrum of drug and alcohol service providers including collection sites, laboratories, consortiums/TPAs, MROs, and testing equipment manufacturers.

Dubois will lead a newly elected executive committee and board of directors to accomplish the mission of DATIA. This mission includes representing the drug and alcohol testing industry in Washington, DC on key legislative and regulatory issues; expanding the workplace drug and alcohol testing markets; providing members information, resources and benefits important to their operations; and promoting the highest possible standards for the industry.

Medical and recreational marijuana issues will be a key focus of Phil's leadership. He has a passion for working towards the rights of employers to maintain safe and drug free workplaces. Phil also strongly believes that the legalization of marijuana can be harmful to our nation's workforce and particularly to the youth of America. Phil stated: "Teenagers are especially vulnerable to marijuana dependency as their brains are still under development. Our industry is concerned about the legalization efforts. We will address this with a new DATIA committee on marijuana; with an emphasis on educating employers that they have the right to maintain their drug testing along with safe and drug free work place programs."

Phil Dubois is the Executive Vice President of DRUGSCAN a SAMHSA certified and CAP Accredited laboratory and he is also the Executive Vice President of DSI Medical. A national leader in drug and alcohol program management services, DSI Medical was founded in 1991 and quickly gained a reputation as a leader in providing complete management and oversight for workplace substance abuse testing programs. DRUGSCAN and DSI Medical are located in Horsham, Pennsylvania; Phil Dubois travels extensively for business and resides in Apopka, Florida.

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