Pheromone Fragrance NUPHERO Presents Science-Backed Solution


Pheromones for human attraction has been a topic for some time. However, there hasn't been much headway on what exactly these pheromones really do. One company set out to see what had been learned so far by the scientific community and pulled that research together into a product called NuPhero. Launching on Indiegogo Aug. 8, 2017, NuPhero is a pheromone fragrance that relies on research from scientists around the globe to harness what is known about pheromones to help people balance their Pheromonal Index.

While there are many pheromone companies out there, the jury is still out on whether humans use pheromones in sexual selection at all. However, testing in the scientific community has shown in many cases that pheromones have an effect on people's sense of self-worth, confidence, and emotional well-being (Bensafi, M. Sex-steroid Derived Compounds Modulates Mood, Memory. Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute. 2004).

NUPHERO - Confidence Enhancing Pheromone Fragrance. The power of science to balance the Pheromonal Index and get the girl—every time. End the dating struggle with NuPhero.

Ian Francis

NuPhero uses those pheromones that have tested well in boosting confidence, relying on the current scientific evidence regarding pheromones to provide people with a pheromone product that has been shown through product testing to give the user a feeling of increased confidence. And with increased confidence comes a greater ability to interact with the opposite sex.

What’s the Science? Androsterone, a pheromonal compound naturally produced among humans, has so far tested well to decrease stress, increase sensations of confidence, and elevate mood when inhaled. (Brennan P. Pheromones and Mammalian Behavior. Boca Raton, CRC Press. 2010) NuPhero's process engineers recreate androsterone synthetically, coupling it with an aromatic fragrance. NuPhero tested the product on many different men, each with a similar experience of a feeling of increased confidence.

NuPhero is a step forward for pheromone products, and the reliance on scientific research really sets it apart from many others on the market. Consider looking into it yourself, and if you think it's good for you, back it on

Source: NuPhero

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