phData Featured at Snowflake Summit 2022 for Data Analytics, Automation, and Learning

Snowflake Summit

phData, a full-service machine learning and data analytics consulting company, announced today a deeper integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud via its expansion in analytics consulting services, automation software, and training. 

As the largest pure-play Snowflake consulting partner, phData has greatly expanded its Snowflake services and capabilities by offering analytics services, a revamp of its Snowflake-specific automation software platform called the phData Toolkit, and the acquisition of a renowned analytics training platform called Data Coach.

"We will continue to invest in Snowflake to bring end-to-end services that serve the needs of our customers," said Ryan Bosshard, CEO of phData. "In addition to our leading data engineering, machine learning, and managed services offerings, we're excited to offer analytics services, which closes the loop on our full-service Snowflake capabilities."

phData has achieved the highest attainable partner accreditation with Snowflake as an Elite Services Provider and continues to expand what's possible with data, analytics, and machine learning. 

The enhanced partnership unveiled at the 2022 Snowflake Summit includes:

Reporting, Visualization, and Analytics Services - These expanded analytics services will help joint Snowflake customers develop dashboards, data tools, and analytics engineering strategies that withstand changes in time and allow users at all levels to expertly connect with data to make powerful discoveries.

The phData Toolkit - This unified interface contains all of phData's apps and tools that help clients accelerate and automate their data projects with Snowflake. 

Data Coach - phData's online analytics training platform helps businesses and individuals master data analytics platforms with video lessons, 1-1 coaching from renowned experts, and more. Recently, Data Coach launched an SQL on Snowflake course with plans to increase Snowflake-related courses.

phData has a proven track record of partnering with Snowflake to help mutual customers across many verticals, including healthcare and life sciences, finance and insurance, retail and consumer packaged goods, as well as technology media and entertainment. 

In a recent joint project with Snowflake, phData was able to help NextGen Healthcare successfully migrate their data to Snowflake, expand their analytics capabilities, and create a custom software solution.

"Thanks to the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud and the vast expertise of phData, we were able to build a custom software solution that accelerates the discovery and availability of analytic-ready data sets and gives our customers the modern data platform they need to manage their data business. What's most impressive is that the team was able to do this all in 12 weeks," said Kevin Sigafoes, Solution Director at NextGen Healthcare.

phData continues to work closely with Snowflake on new capabilities and features that help accelerate customer-use cases. 

"We are continually impressed with the expanse of phData's expertise in helping our mutual customers unlock more value from the Snowflake Data Cloud," said Katie Ecklund, Senior Director of Partner Sales - America, at Snowflake.

Attendees of the 2022 Snowflake Summit can visit phData's booth to learn more about their Snowflake-specific service offerings, software, and training resources.

About phData

phData has rapidly advanced its capabilities within Snowflake's partner ecosystem. phData is focused on delivering data products and platforms using Snowflake and modern data technologies. We help with end-to-end services to architect, deploy, and support machine learning and data analytics on Snowflake. We come with best practices, industry experts, and proven data strategies to ensure you meet your business objectives.

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