Phaze Concrete: From Humble Beginnings to Quality Apprenticeships

Phaze Concrete

​Phaze Concrete was founded in 2003 by a team of industrious men. They started with small projects in Nevada and Utah, working on residential properties and pouring driveways. The men quickly became successful because of their cooperation and hard work, and because they ensured that all of their customers were contented and happy. Slowly but surely, the company started to grow. Gradually, their work on residential properties was replaced with those for large commercial properties, such as parking garages and even Walmart stores. And their services were no longer just for Nevada and Utah, but rather for all of the Western states.

It should be noted that what never changed was the company's focus on teamwork and performance. This was what actually caused them to be chosen to work on the Family Dollar distribution center, measuring a million square feet. They even earned the ACI Intermountain chapter award of excellence in flatwork and tilt-up concrete for this work. Today, the company has some 250 staff members and they are able to work on projects in concrete, utilities, and earthwork all over the Western states. Their crew members focus on completing jobs ahead of schedule and within budget.

The company has always been committed to continuously improving the quality of their work and to increasing efficiency. To achieve this, they ensure that all employees work together as part of a team so that everyone is committed to creating a safe, professional, and pleasant atmosphere where everybody wants to work. Phaze Concrete has always ensured that they are committed to the safety of their employees. Their Experience Modification (EMOD) rating currently stands at 0.72%, which truly shows this commitment.

Furthermore, in 2016, the company joined forces with the Department of Labor's Department of Apprenticeships, creating an exciting and completely unique work education program. This strategy has, so far, been incredibly successful, providing young people with high quality on-the-job, theoretical, and practical training and instruction. The importance of this type of training has been highlighted by Alexander Acosta, U.S. Secretary of Labor, who attended the G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers' Meeting in May 2017, where this support was further emphasized. The White House Office of American Innovation is equally committed to fostering and supporting apprenticeships. They wish to increase the number of truly good apprenticeships that are available, which include those in sectors that are now emerging and with high growth potential.

Phaze Concrete is one of some 37,000 different program sponsors in this country. They are 100% committed to ensuring that all of the training provided are truly excellent. At present, some 26 cement mason apprentices are taking part in the program. Additionally, the company is proud of the fact that their programs are no longer seen as a "union organization benefit", particularly since they are not unionized. Rather, they want to be focused on ensuring that anyone is able to learn at work.

A company representative says, "We don't want our employees simply to come to work and earn a paycheck and go home; we want them to come and have a valuable experience, learning transferable skills that can improve every aspect of their life. Registered apprentices, regardless of their age, will have the opportunity to complete their GED, if they have not received a high school diploma or equivalent. Phaze provides the GED readiness course that is available to all employees and family members of our employees. When employees make the commitment to the apprenticeship program, Phaze Concrete makes a commitment to them to give them the most well-rounded industry training available. Doing the right thing has been an important value for the Phaze team, often going the extra mile to make sure customers get what they expected and have an active involvement with solutions to the daily challenges and hurdles of today's construction industry. Our crews work hard as a team to keep commitments and schedules while traveling across the nation to deliver the quality the industry has come to expect from us."

The construction industry is one of the most important industries in the nation, offering employment for millions. With the new president's commitment to put an emphasis on business and infrastructure in particular, it is likely that the industry will see more significant growth. Phaze Concrete has indicated that they are ready to ensure that there will be a workforce to meet this particular demand, training young people and adults alike in the skills required to work with cement and other such materials. The popularity of their program speaks for itself, with many requesting placements at present and the company having to consider whether more places can be made available.

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