Pharma Solutions Launches Suspicious Order Monitoring Product for DEA Federal Compliance

Pharma Solutions, the #1 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Compliance Company, is on a mission to simplify the complex regulatory landscape facing pharmaceutical supply chain companies. Today, Pharma Solutions is announcing its next-generation NavigateSOM™ product for suspicious order monitoring (SOM) with flexible algorithm tuning, a new user interface that streamlines due diligence activities in compliance with the DEA's most recent SUPPORT Act rules, and the ability to readily upload ERP data directly using common CSV files or integration with leading ERP providers.

Pharma Solutions recognized the lack of an efficient and easily integrated suspicious order monitoring program that addressed the prevention of controlled substance diversion when the product was first developed in 2017, and the tragedy of the opioid epidemic has since magnified awareness and the need for a proper SOM solution.

Additionally, failure to comply with the DEA's controlled substance SOM regulatory requirements has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and registration revocations for pharmaceutical companies over recent years.

"NavigateSOM does a great job of helping our compliance team manage workflows. Selling controlled substances can be a risky business, so we are thankful to be on the NavigateSOM platform!" says Jeff Herman, CEO of Pharmsource, and current NavigateSOM client.

Unparalleled real-time insight into client order history provides businesses with the information they need to safely process pharmaceutical fulfillment of controlled substances while protecting the public from harmful distribution and adding risk-reduction methods for failed compliance. NavigateSOM includes comprehensive reports and proof of compliance, enabling customer confidence when faced with DEA audits.

NavigateSOM provides 13 unique industry-focused algorithms that can be tuned to your specific pharmaceutical distribution business model. Utilizing modern, robust AWS technology, orders are analyzed in seconds, and responses are provided back to your team in near real-time for efficient order analysis and processing. Additionally, NavigateSOM's intuitive user interface and workflows reduce the time associated with reviewing, analyzing, addressing, and reporting on flagged orders. 

Unlike other SOM solutions on the market, NavigateSOM adds highly configurable and customizable options for compliance teams to adjust the risk-monitoring algorithms to match the trends of their own client base and order patterns which minimize false positives. 

NavigateSOM is integrated today with leading ERP systems, including SAP, VAI, Iptor, Netsuite, Bluelink, DOit, Accumatica, and IBM AS400 legacy systems. Additionally, Pharma Solutions offers support for planning, integration, and onboarding and will work directly with your team or partners to implement SOM with your existing ERP system.

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Pharma Solutions is the #1 pharmaceutical supply chain company, helping more than 500 businesses since 2015 become compliant and remain compliant across the ever-fluctuating, complex patchwork of state and federal compliance requirements. We offer a range of SaaS automation solutions and expert professional services for the pharmaceutical supply chain industry. Our clients range from international, Fortune 500 drug manufacturers and venture-backed startups, to independent drug distributors and pharmacies.

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