PetVivo, makers of Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology, introduces new Q&A sessions with equine expert Dr. Tracy Turner

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PetVivo, the company who makes SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM Technology, is proud to work in collaboration with Dr. Tracy Turner, a recognized expert in equine lameness diagnosis, on new video Q&A sessions on joint health. Dr. Tuner, with more than four decades of experience, has seen the full spectrum of lameness and joint issue management products and when he encountered SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM Technology, an intra-articular injectable veterinary device, he knew he had come across a potential game-changer.

"I love telling the story of the first stifle I injected with SpryngTM. The horse was a strong grade three out of five lame with a beat-up meniscus. I told the owner she was likely at the end of her career, but that we could try injecting this new product," recounts Dr. Turner, owner of Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery. "When I came back two weeks later, I didn't believe I was looking at the same horse — she was 100% sound. The only thing I had done was a SpryngTM injection. I stepped out of the barn that day knowing I had found a real boon to veterinary medicine."

Available only through licensed veterinarians, SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM Technology is an innovative intra-articular injectable veterinary medical device that is designed to aid in the management of joint pain from loss of cartilage or tissue-bone mechanical malfunction caused by joint dysfunction not associated with infection (e.g., lameness, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease). A single SpryngTM injection provides both immediate joint protection and helps protect the joint from further injury, unlike other products that only treat symptoms. 

"Anti-inflammatories eliminate the inflammatory process, but they don't address the consequences of that," says Dr. Turner. "SpryngTM is a product that needs to be in our toolbox for treating joint diseases and other arthritic type diseases. I recommend it to every veterinarian around the country."

Dr. Turner, who has used SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM Technology for 10 years and joined the Veterinary Advisory Board of parent company PetVivo Holdings, Inc. in 2018, recently released a series of Q&A videos recounting his experience with and assessment of the SpryngTM product. The full video collection can be viewed on

About Dr. Tracy Turner

Dr. Turner is a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Thermology. He received his DVM degree from Colorado State University in 1978, after which he pursued his interest in equine medicine and surgery. He is board-certified in veterinary surgery and Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Turner served on the faculty of the University of Illinois, University of Florida and the University of Minnesota. He joined Anoka Equine Clinic in 2004, then started his own practice in 2016 dedicated strictly to Sports Medicine, Lameness, and Surgery.

Dr. Turner consults for the FEI and United States Equestrian Federation. He has worked at four Pan American Games, two World Equestrian Games, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Read Dr. Turner's full biography here:

About Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology

SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM Technology is a veterinary medical device by PetVivo, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of PetVivo Holdings, Inc. SpryngTM is a veterinarian-administered, intra-articular injection designed to aid in the management of lameness issues, joint pain and osteoarthritis from loss of cartilage or tissue-bone mechanical malfunction caused by joint dysfunction not associated with infection. SpryngTM is currently available for use in horses and small animals and is available for commercial sale. To learn more about SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM Technology, please contact or visit

About PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

PetVivo Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PETV) is an emerging biomedical device company currently focused on the manufacturing, commercialization and licensing of innovative medical devices and therapeutics for companion animals. The Company's strategy is to leverage human therapies for the treatment of companion animals in a capital and time efficient way. A key component of this strategy is the accelerated timeline to revenues for veterinary medical devices, which enter the market much earlier than more stringently-regulated pharmaceuticals and biologics.

PetVivo has a pipeline of seventeen products for the treatment of animals and people. A portfolio of nineteen patents protects the Company's biomaterials, products, production processes and methods of use. The Company's lead product SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM technology.

For more information about PetVivo Holdings, Inc. and our revolutionary product, SpryngTM with OsteoCushionTM Technology, please contact or visit

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