Pettit Marine Paint Develops the Most Effective Anti-fouling Paint to Hit the Market in Many Years - ODYSSEY® TRITON

Marine Paint Company Continues Pioneering Innovative Solutions

Odyssey® Triton

Pettit takes pride in creating the most trusted and reliable products in the business. Odyssey® Triton continues that tradition.

Odyssey® Triton delivers exceptional, multi-season, tri-biocide performance by combining the proven reliability of Copper Thiocyanate, the impressive strength of ECONEA, and the versatile organic boosting biocide Zinc Omadine.  This combination makes Odyssey® Triton effective against all types of fouling found in the harshest of marine environments. Odyssey® Triton provides a whole new level of performance while preventing build-up and keeping underwater surfaces smooth. Triton's trouble-free formula is more dependable and compatible without the challenges associated with the competitors' products.

"After spending many years in R&D and fine-tuning a TRIPLE biocide product, we are very excited to announce the launch of Odyssey® Triton. I say this with zero reservations, this is the most effective anti-fouling paint to hit the market in almost 30 years.  Built with proven Odyssey® DNA, Triton offers fast dry technology, VOC compliance from coast to coast, low odor and effective multi-season protection in all waters. Odyssey® Triton features 3 biocides at the highest concentrations available to make it extremely effective in ALL waters, yet this product is safe to aluminum hulls," says Tom Maellaro, VP of Marketing for Pettit Paint.

Odyssey® Triton will be available in black and blue gallons starting Jan. 1, 2021. Odyssey® Triton additional colors (red, green and white) will be available Spring 2021. The application can easily be performed with a brush, roller, or spray.  

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