Petrolern's New Geothermal Technologies Expand the Clean Energy Resource Potential for Wyoming

Wyoming: Old West brings in New Energy Technologies

Petrolern has been awarded a geothermal evaluation contract by the Wyoming Energy Authority to produce a statewide geothermal resource market analysis. This work will provide guidance on applicable commercial geothermal energy utilization technologies, assess the potential for Wyoming decarbonization through geothermal use, and perform research on the potential for Synthetic Geothermal Reservoir (SGR) applications within the state.

Wyoming is an epicenter for energy resources across the energy spectrum - coal, oil, gas, uranium, and wind. Additionally, there are surface expressions of hot springs and geothermal resources across the state, most recently assessed in 2012 as part of the National Geothermal Data System compilation project. While there are geothermal energy opportunities, no public studies are available that assessed the best pathway for economic development of these resources in Wyoming.

This study will generate a plan for geothermal development opportunities for electricity production, direct use, and heat pump applications, focusing on known resources in the state, using commercial technology to advance Wyoming's energy strategy. "The Wyoming Energy Authority is excited to partner with Petrolern to study and better understand the geothermal energy opportunities that exist in Wyoming. Geothermal technology aligns well with our all-of-the-above net-zero energy strategy, and we hope to see it as a complement to all of the resources our office is exploring. We thank Petrolern for the thoughtfulness they've already contributed to the development of this study, and we look forward to seeing the final results." - Kaeci Daniels, SEP Program Coordinator. Following Wyoming's energy strategy, Petrolern will explore innovative technologies such as SGR to increase Wyoming's renewable energy penetration potential.

Dr. Joseph Batir, Petrolern's Geothermal Lead, says: "There are several prominent sedimentary basins with significant development that may be an opportunity for wells repurposing. Wyoming has also other abundant energy resources that we will examine as inputs to SGR for thermal energy storage in the subsurface." 

SGR, a subsurface battery concept developed by Petrolern, uses the subsurface as a medium for thermal energy storage collected from various renewable sources such as wind energy or concentrated solar power to reliably produce on-demand electrical power, using the recovered heat. In this way, SGRs can provide weather-independent, renewable, baseload energy, without the traditional geothermal geographic constraints of initially hot rock; instead, synthetic geothermal reservoirs are engineered by deploying the Wyoming petroleum workforce and energy resources. 

About Petrolern: 

Petrolern LLC is a leading-edge technology-focused energy company working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal energy, and cleaner oil and gas. Petrolern conducts cutting-edge R&D to improve safety, increase efficiency in production, and reduce the environmental footprint of subsurface operations. Petrolern's core competencies include advanced geomechanics, geothermal resource characterization and development, existing infrastructure reutilization, subsurface modeling and visualization, applied artificial intelligence, edge computing, and software development. The company applies these skills and utilizes high-resolution subsurface visualization to optimize drilling, completions, stimulation, injection and production.

Source: Petrolern