PetLife Completes Its TV Commercial for Newly Acquired Dr. Geoff's by PetLife, Preparing for Regional Launch

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PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: PTLF) (the "Company"), a developer of a new generation of high-potency veterinary cancer medications and nutraceuticals for pets, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Dr. Geoff’s by PetLife, Inc. (“Dr. Geoff’s by PetLife”), PetLife’s product line of natural pet food, supplements, and treats, has initiated its comprehensive product rollout. 

The Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, will proceed with an initial regional pilot launch, followed by a national rollout. The introductory product launch will focus on two Superfood Supplements: ImmunoPower™ and Antioxidant Boost™, and several canned food products, with extensive plans for product line expansion. 

ImmunoPower™ is a unique, proprietary blend of micro-ingredients that equips the pet’s body with the nutrients to support overall well-being and is formulated to deliver as much antioxidant power as possible.

Antioxidant Boost™ uses the power of antioxidant vitamins, antioxidant chelated minerals, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes and probiotics combined in this unique super-food.

The TV commercial for the product launch has been prepared and completed by a world-class production and media team. Media buys are currently being sourced to provide the best value. For a short segment view of the TV commercial, visit: This TV commercial will be incorporated into an infomercial and promoted through social media.

“The strategic advantage of launching our food product in advance of the anticipated FDA approved Vitalzul™ is that it provides the Company the advantage of revenues, profits and enhanced cash flow,” stated Dr. Ralph Salvagno, CEO of PetLife. “Brand awareness is a key component for success given the competitive market in the pet food industry. We believe that our core product, Vitalzul™, when infused into pet food, will create an extraordinary, proprietary and world class product for pets and their owners. The Company plans to offer two additional food products infused with Vitalzul™: a veterinary prescribed, therapeutic form for pets with cancer, and a product proposed as a preventive for older dogs. Statistically, 49% of dogs and 38% of cats will be stricken with some form of cancer after the age of 10.”

PetLife plans to roll out a complete line of 25 foods, treats, supplements, and pet accessories. These include nutraceuticals, shampoos, creams, sprays, and other natural products for dogs and cats. PetLife is in discussions with third parties to provide specific complementary products that would not be “just another product on the shelf” but those that have proprietary properties that will enhance PetLife’s reputation as a quality provider of natural-based solutions for animal diseases and conditions.

About PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PTLF) ( is a registered U.S. Veterinary Pharmaceutical company. PetLife's mission is to bring its new, non-toxic, bioactive nutraceuticals and prescription medications to the world of veterinary oncology with the ultimate goal of preventing cancer and extending the life of pets suffering from cancer while improving their quality of life. The Company’s first product, Vitalzul™, is currently in testing. Vitalzul™’s active ingredients have been shown to have activity against several different cancer cell lines. In the U.S. alone, consumer spending on domestic companion animals reached over $60 billion in 2015, with over $29 billion spent on veterinary care and medications. PetLife’s acquired brand, Dr. Geoff’s Real Food for Pets, is launching in 2017. PetLife Scorpion Ranch™ is breaking ground in 2017. PetLife anticipates incorporating Vitalzul™ in a new and advanced therapeutic pet food line in 2019.

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